Municipal Growth Management Study

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What is a Municipal Growth Management Study?

A Municipal Growth Management Study can help people study the social, cultural and economic resources in an area to increase capacity, improve service delivery and promote economic opportunities.  A Growth Management Study can help a municipality to determine the appropriate size and scope for restructuring initiatives.
Funding for Municipal Growth Management Studies is being offered to support ongoing municipal efforts to address and build municipal capacity.  Approved applications are eligible for funds to contract professional services to complete a Growth Management Study. 
For more technical information, view Resource Materials for Municipal Growth Management Studies (includes: funding process, overview, and guidelines).
The general principles to guide successful municipal restructuring processes and funding applications currently include:
  • collaboration with municipalities in the broader geographical region;
  • the presence of infrastructure and/or shared services that support a common vision for growth;
  • clear procedures for engagement with residents;
  • identification of shared economic, community, environmental and other interests;
  • identification of the potential to improve governance processes and service delivery to residents;
  • identification of the potential to increase the long-term financial performance of the municipalities;
  • consideration of the minimum standards contained in the Municipal Government Act.
Please contact Municipal Affairs if you would like to know more about funding for Municipal Growth Management Studies.
Note: This page is prepared for information purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for specialized legal or professional advice.
Date de publication : 
le 11 Janvier 2018
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