Parkdale Elementary School - School Review

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Parkdale Elementary School was built as an elementary school in 1956. With current enrolment of 139 students, the school is being used to 57% of its capacity.

What changes are being recommended for Parkdale?

  • Merge a portion of the Sherwood, Prince Street catchment and St. Jean catchments with the Parkdale catchment.
  • Merge a portion of the Parkdale and Sherwood catchments with the Prince Street catchment.
  • Merge a portion of the L.M. Montgomery and Parkdale catchments with Sherwood catchment.
  • Merge a portion of Parkdale catchment with the West Royalty catchment.

What would the changes mean for Parkdale Elementary?

  • Parkdale would welcome new students currently attending Sherwood, Prince Street and St. Jean.
  • Some existing students would be re-zoned to Prince Street, Sherwood and West Royalty schools.
  • Most of these students would be leaving or coming to Parkdale in order to attend a school closer to where they live, while a small number would be re-zoned in order to ease pressure on overcrowded schools.
  • The Parkdale school population would increase from 139 to 228 students and utilization would increase from 57% to 93.4%, making it a more viable school.

Proposed Parkdale School Zone


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le 12 Janvier 2017
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