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Prince Edward Island welcomes students in our public schools from around the world. We can work with you to offer new education and training opportunities for your students and faculty from your home or ours.

Prince Edward Island Affiliated Schools Program

PEI Affiliated Schools are located outside of Canada and are inspected and certified by the Government of PEI through the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning.

Students registered in a PEI Affiliated Program receive instruction in English by PEI Certified Teachers and follow the PEI Program of Studies and curriculum. Students in PEI Affiliated Programs who meet all of the PEI Graduation Requirements will graduate with a PEI High School Certificate. This creates a path that supports international students to come to PEI to continue their studies, live and work.

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Prince Edward Island continues to work with and seeks new global partners to make our excellent kindergarten to Grade 12 curricula available to students in other countries.

Application Process

  1. Expression of Interest: The interested party will submit to government an expression of interest that provides preliminary information about the proposal. The expression is reviewed and, if there is an interest in learning more about the proposal, the interested party is invited to an interview. 
  2. Interview: An interview will be held with the interested party to assess and consider motivation, capacity, goals, and plans. The interview will further help to determine if there is an alignment with the P.E.I. educational philosophy and support the outcomes of the P.E.I. international program. The interview is also an opportunity for the interested party to ask questions and gather more information to make an informed decision about seeking approval to offer the P.E.I. program. 
  3. Invitation to Apply: If government decides to invite a formal application, the applicant will be asked to complete the application form and submit additional supporting documentation that includes a business plan, audited financial statements, and local government approvals. The applicant must also pay a $5,000, non-refundable application fee at the time of submission.
  4. Application Review: The application will be reviewed by government and a recommendation will be made to senior management. Applicants may be contacted to provide additional information in support of the application. 
  5. Letter of Intent: After a successful review of the application, preliminary approval to offer the P.E.I. program will be granted through a letter of intent and provided to the applicant. Final approval will be dependent upon the ongoing communication of progress and a successful site visit to confirm preparedness to offer the P.E.I. program. 
  6. Site Visit: A site visit will be conducted by government staff to confirm the application information and verify readiness. The site visit will be in advance of the program commencement at a mutually agreed upon time between government and the applicant. The cost of the site visit will be paid upfront and will be at the expense of the applicant. During the site visit, government staff may also meet with the local education authority. It is expected that a principal to oversee the P.E.I. program will be in place and will be available to meet with the site inspection team. The site visit does not replace the year one inspection. 
  7. Site Visit Report: Upon completion of the site visit, a report will be provided to the applicant. The report will indicate whether to proceed with entering into a contractual agreement, revisit the application, or terminate the application. 

For more information

For more information about our affiliated school program, contact:

Anne Hall
Coordinator of International Education 



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le 5 Janvier 2022
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