Montague Family of Schools District Advisory Council

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Members for 2020-21: Debra Matheson (Montague Consolidated), Joelene MacLeod (Vernon River Consolidated), Ashley Higgenbotham (Southern Kings Consolidated), Lindsay Hume (Montague Intermediate), Lisa Edward (Belfast Consolidated), Craig Goodick (Montague PEIHSF Regional Rep), Mia Martell (Montague Regional High Student Rep), Kenzy Hawkins (Montague Regional High Student Rep)

Vacant: Cardigan Consolidated, Georgetown Consolidated, Montague Regional High, Teacher Rep

October 5, 2020, WebEx Meeting

Guest: John Cummings, Executive Director, Department of Education and Lifelong Learning

Discussion and Outcomes

Working together 

  • The Engagement Officer will continue to develop the meeting agenda and organize DAC meetings.
  • The DAC will meet at different schools within the family of schools when in person meetings occur. 
  • The Montague DAC is interested in hosting a joint meeting with the Morell/Souris DAC at some point.

DAC Overview

Anne Rooban, Engagement Officer for the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning, gave an overview presentation on the role of the DACs.

  • Mandate of the DACs is to help shape an education system that is focused on and meets the needs of learners. The role of DACs is:
    • to advise the Minister of Education on educational priorities for the District;
    • to engage school communities in discussions;
    • to foster collaboration among school councils, home and school associations and the community.
  • Responsibilities of membership: 
    • Report concerns of your local Home and School to the DAC; 
    • Provide leadership in identifying priorities to focus on;
    • Work collaboratively with members;
    • Report back to your local Home and School the discussions and outcomes of DAC meetings.

School operational plans

  • The school operational plans are working well at the schools. Students are adapting quickly, wearing their masks and washing their hands.
  • Transportation and bussing was a challenge at the beginning of the school year but is working well now.
  • Space continues to be an issue, especially with physical distancing. There is no extra space available for the VP’s office or for the student wellness teams.

Topics for discussion 

  • Healthy School food Initiative: the DAC would like more information about this initiative.
    • UPDATE: All schools have access to healthy food right now.
    • Most schools have an outside vendor to deliver meals to school (parents go online, order meals, and these are delivered to the school)
    • Some schools are still in the pilot phase of this project. 
    • Some schools are using a hub model (i.e. Kinkora) where meals are made in the high school and delivered to feeder schools.
    • Some schools have their in-school food provider (i.e. Chartwells) provide an altered menu with healthier meal options.
    • The Department will do an evaluation on all the models in the next couple of months.     
  • Late French Immersion
    • Parents would like to know whether students going to Charlottetown for late French Immersion in junior high will stay in Charlottetown for high school or if they will move back to Montague Regional High.
    • For Early French Immersion, students must spent extended periods on a high school bus, making this not a good option for many families.
  • Fundraising
    • What does fundraising look like for schools, during COVID and otherwise? 
    • COVID is creating barriers for Home and School meetings and fundraisers.
    • UPDATE: The PSB confirmed that Home and School meetings can be accommodated in schools now.
  • Members will send any additional topics that come from meetings they attend (i.e. Parent Council, Home and School, Student Council)


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