Three Oaks Family of Schools District Advisory Council

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December 21st, 2021 - Microsoft Teams Meeting

Attendees: Christine Handrahan (Three Oaks Senior High and Three Oaks PEIHSF Regional Director), Holly MacLeod (Elm Street Elementary), Lindsay Stewart (Three Oaks Senior High Student), Todd Mackinnon (Summerside Intermediate), Kellie Arsenault (Miscouche Consolidated), Heather Sheen (Greenfield Elementary)

Regrets: Nathan Green (Three Oaks Senior High Student)

Vacant: Parkside Elementary, Athena Elementary 

Guests: Elizabeth Kennedy (Student Well-Being Team Program Lead), Danielle Hennessy (Provincial Team Lead for Youth Services), Beth Reilly (Clinical Supervisor for Student Well-Being Team – West)


Student Well-Being Team Presentation 

  • Elizabeth, Danielle and Beth presented a slide deck that shared information about the Student Well-Being Team and facilitated a discussion to answer and discuss further topics relating to their work.
  • Elizabeth shared the focus of the SWT is to provide equitable access to supports for students and that the SWT is located in the schools for that reason.
  • The group discussed the referral process and how it can be done online by students, teachers or parents.
  • The Department of Education & Lifelong Learning, Department of Justice & Public Safety and Health PEI conduct a joint effort in delivering the SWT services and serve as experts in their respective areas. With this, the SWT is made up of various personnel including Nurses, Outreach Workers, Social Workers and many others that can offer different perspectives from their field of work.
  • Elizabeth shared how a large part of the work that is done by the SWT is delivering presentations to help educate students and these serve as preventative measures. An example that was shared was that if a school is seeing vaping issues at a grade 8 level they could ensure that students are made aware of the risks in earlier grades and this will help not only educate the students but deter them from harmful substances and activities.
  • The SWT has been very adaptable in providing services through Zoom and other software. It is important for students to be able to receive the services of the SWT at home and in schools. 
  • Elizabeth shared how the transitional grades are more common for referrals (Grades 6 and 9).
  • The group discussed how important trust is within the household and how the role of a parent is ever so challenging managing a child’s technology use or helping their children through isolation periods to name a few.


Student Well-Being Team Home Page 

Student Well-Being Team - Three Oaks Family of Schools 

Student Well-Being Team Referrals 

Follow-Ups and Updates

General DAC Overview – The group discussed where any notes and information about the DAC can be found along with the process of how the meeting minutes are presented.

Healthy Food Options – Christine emailed the Principal at Three Oaks about the addition of the suggestion box in the Cafeteria. The goal of this initiative would be to offer more healthy food options as well as vegetarian options. The Three Oaks Principal appreciated the suggestion and forwarded it to the cafeteria staff. 

Masking in Schools – Unfortunately with the Omicron variant of Covid-19 masking is something everyone can do and will continue to do in order to keep both themselves and others safe.

Gender and Identity Struggles – The group is interested to learn more in this area. Tyler will reach out to the Student Services Division at the Public Schools Branch regarding the possibility of a future presentation.

Home and School Updates

  • Christine shared that she created a survey with another parent from H&S and was able to identify convenient times and formats for future meetings to hopefully increase involvement in their H&S meetings.
  • Heather shared that their H&S is working hard to support teachers and other staff in any capacity they can. The school also hosted a Newcomer’s Night in which Newcomers were invited to attend and learn about the community and many of the services within.

Topics of Discussion

Prom at Three Oaks

  • With Covid-19, students have not been able to experience what a prom is like and the group would like to work and advocate for a safe Three Oaks Prom to be planned.
  • In years passed there has been a Prom Committee at Three Oaks. Is there one this year and how could the Three Oaks DAC help in making sure students have a prom?
  • It is assumed that there will be CPHO guidelines come the time of the prom, so it is important that the group is mindful of vaccination records along with other restrictions that may be in place.

Learning of Practical Life Skills

  • The group discussed how there are many skills that are not in school that could be worked into the curriculum.
  • Teaching students how to do taxes and how they work is something the group feels is missing. There is only a percentage of students who will take business classes and get exposure to this, but each student will run into them in their life. Is it possible to have a section worked into the mandatory grade 10 CEO class to give students exposure to taxes among other topics?
  • Entrepreneurship plays a large role in the community and many island families. Entrepreneurship also occurs at a much smaller scale at a young age in students as well which is why it is so important to ensure that students are learning basic money principles and the time value of money.
  • Co-op programs are very important to students and businesses so that when students enter the workforce, they are equipped with the skillset to be successful. 
  • The group is interested in learning more about the current curriculum and other opportunities outside of the classroom where students can learn practical skills that will help them in the future.


November 2nd, 2021 - Microsoft Teams Meeting

Attendees: Christine Handrahan (Three Oaks Senior High and Three Oaks PEIHSF Regional Director), Holly MacLeod (Elm Street Elementary), Nathan Green (Three Oaks Senior High Student), Lindsay Stewart (Three Oaks Senior High Student) 

Regrets: Heather Sheen (Greenfield Elementary), Kellie Arsenault (Miscouche Consolidated), Todd Mackinnon (Summerside Intermediate), Terri MacNeil (Athena Consolidated)

Vacant: Parkside Elementary

Guest: John Cummings, Executive Director of Educational Services


Group Guidelines and Expectations

  • The Junior Policy Analyst will prepare and send along the meeting agenda before each meeting. The group will contribute to the agenda by adding action items, progress on past work, and any new priorities they would like to discuss. 

  • The group would like to continue using Doodle Polls to decide when the best suited times are for the group to meet.

  • It is understood that the meetings can take place either virtually or in person, and if the meeting is to take place in person, proper vaccination protocols must be conducted. 

  • The group discussed having a rotating meeting chair to ensure the agenda items are discussed and that everyone has a chance to share. If anyone would like to assume this role for the next meeting, please reach out to the Junior Policy Analyst. This can be discussed at the end of each meeting in the future.

District Advisory Council Overview

Tyler Gallant, the Junior Policy Analyst for the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning, gave a presentation that offered information regarding the DAC’s and their role in the PEI Education System.

  • The mandate of the DACs is to help shape an education system that is focused on and meets the need of learners.

  • The role of the DACs is to advise the Minister of Education on priorities for the district, to engage school communities in discussions, and foster collaboration among school councils, home and school associations, and the community.

  • Responsibilities of the membership include reporting concerns to your local home and school to the DAC, providing leadership in identifying priorities to focus on, working collaboratively with members and reporting back to your local home and school, the discussions and outcomes of the DAC meetings.

Topics of Discussion 

Parent Representation

  • The group would like to see more parent involvement in meetings across various districts. Could this be a case of parents not knowing how to get involved and what that might look like, or is there no interest? How can communication between schools and parents improve?

Mental Health 

  • How can schools and the system better support students, staff and teachers through the pandemic?  All groups would benefit from clear communication of existing resources for help. Parents also feel they should be better informed to support their children better at home.

Gender Identity

  • Parents and students feel that they could benefit from help with the learning curve that comes with gender identity. This could be learning different vocabulary as a starting point and progress to practicing these communication skills in their everyday lives. What else can be done in this space?

Healthy Food Options and Dietary Considerations

  • There is uptake on the PEI Healthy School Food Program, but many students choose to go off-site due to either food prices, dietary restrictions or lack of interest. 

  • Gluten-free and vegetarian options can be hard to come by, and many students opt to leave the school property during lunch hours if the school allows.

  • We discussed how for many, lunchtime is about the social aspect over what a student eats.

  • Could a suggestion box in school cafeterias or another feedback system work so students feel their input is heard? This could give the food providers an idea of what is missing on the menu and what options are more popular, as well as a chance to accommodate various dietary needs.

Masking in Schools

  • The group discussed how masking has been a struggle for many students and how it can affect an individual’s anxiety. Many would like to see an easing of the masking policy and possibly return to how things were in September of 2020. The group understands this lies with CPHO guidelines and hopes as vaccinations increase, the restrictions will be eased. 


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