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If you are making your own accommodation arrangements, school placement is based on the address where the student is going to live on PEI. Proof of address is required before the student is enrolled in a school.

Your Education Experience

All parents want their children to attend the best school in a new place, but in PEI, this isn’t a concern because all schools are equally as good. All schools in our public school system are safe, inclusive, and follow the same curriculum.

All schools in our public school system are safe, inclusive, and follow the same curriculum. There are 62 public schools across the Island for children, from kindergarten through grade twelve - six of those are French, and 29 offer a combination of English and French-immersion. The school year in Prince Edward Island goes from early September through late June, with students enjoying a summer break when the weather is at its best, in July and August.

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School Placement

International students are placed in schools where there is space and program availability and for those using Study Abroad Canada, homestay availability. You may request three schools in the application, and we will make every attempt to accommodate your request. However, the Prince Edward Island International Student Program (PEIISP) has the right to make the final placement decision.

Grade Placement

Grade placement is generally determined by age. Final placement is determined by the School Authorities (The Public Schools Branch and La Commission scolaire de langue française). For high school students, the school transcript is important to determine course selection. The high school will evaluate the transcript and, if the courses you completed are equivalent to high school courses here, grant credit for those that are required for a PEI Senior High School Graduation Certificate. Students who have already graduated from their home country are not eligible to apply to the PEIISP. If you will be turning 18 while studying, you should contact before applying to determine eligibility.

Graduation Requirements

If you want to graduate with a PEI Graduation Diploma, it will usually take more than one year of study. Experience shows it takes a minimum of two years and sometimes longer depending on English language proficiency. Prince Edward Island’s Grade 12 courses are very language rich and require a high degree of fluency. It may be possible, if your language level is exceptionally well developed, to do only one year of Grade 12 courses and go directly to university. Usually, however, it is necessary and appropriate to complete the stipulated levels of EAL and complete Grade 10 – 12 English to develop the level of proficiency that will allow future success at a postsecondary level. Upon arrival in PEI, the language assessment team at the EAL/FAL Reception Centre will determine the appropriate level of entry for each student.

PEI High Schools

All high schools in the Province of PEI follow the mandated provincial curriculum under which the expectations and teaching components are clearly defined. Compulsory courses in Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and English are offered at each grade level. While every school teaches the same curriculum and is accountable to the same standards, some schools may offer different elective courses depending on their school population. These elective courses comprise arts, technology, humanities and social science courses. Every high school on PEI has seen students graduate from Grade 12 and go to world ranked universities. We do not rank our schools and school registration is based on the zone in which your child will live while on PEI.  

All PEI high schools operate on a two-semester system; September to January and February to June. Students take four courses per semester and with each day consisting of four 76-minute periods and 60 minutes for lunch. Typically, classes begin at 9 am and end at 3:15 pm.

Full English Language Learner support is provided for international students at no additional charge. We have one of the most comprehensive English as an Additional Language (EAL) programs in Canada. Support services for EAL/FAL learners in K-9 are primarily in the form of Itinerant teacher support focusing on language acquisition in either a small group or one-to-one situation. In grades 10-12, EAL learners are often recommended to register for the EAL curriculum courses.

School Calendar

Please visit our school calendar for more information.

A map of the high schools in PEI

  1. Westile Composite High School
  2. Three Oaks Senior High School
  3. Kensington Intermediate Senior High School
  4. Kinkora Regional High School
  5. Bluefield High School
  6. Colonel Gray High School
  7. Charlottetown Rural High School
  8. Montague Regional High School
  9. Morell Regional High School
  10. Souris Regional School

Extra-Curricular Activities

International students are encouraged to get involved in extra-curricular activities. This is a great way to meet Canadian friends. Extracurricular options include something for everyone. Schools offer a variety of competitive and recreational athletics, healthy living, theatre, visual arts, music, technology, outdoor pursuits, leadership, and community and social engagement.

In addition, the PEIISP offers regular social events that incorporate recreational and cultural activities! An excellent way to meet other international students and experience PEI.

Accommodation Self-Placement

If you are making your own accommodation arrangements, school placement is based on the address where the student is going to live on PEI. Proof of address is required before the student is enrolled in a school.

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