PEI Maple Syrup

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PEI forests are capable of producing high quality maple products

Maple syrup consumers

Prince Edward Island has a small but vibrant maple syrup industry. Most producers are small scale, family owned and operated businesses that produce a range of high quality maple products.

Many producers welcome people to their maple bush during tapping season. Some are open year round or retail their products at local farmers markets.

The PEI Maple Syrup Producers List was created to connect consumers and Island maple syrup producers and help to build an understanding of and support for locally produced maple products.

Maple syrup producers

While producing maple syrup and maple sugar products has been a time honoured tradition on PEI, estimates indicate that more than 90 percent of the syrup used on PEI is imported from other areas. Island forests are capable of producing high quality maple products but the small size of most sugar maple stands and the scarcity of large trees capable of producing large volumes of sap has limited the growth of the industry.

Still with time and effort, stands with a high percentage of sugar maple can be managed to produce commercial volumes of sap and syrup.

The Province does not provide direct support for the development of the maple industry but land owners can access forest management advice and assistance through the Forest Enhancement Program






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