Becoming an Outdoors Woman

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The Becoming an Outdoors Woman® (BOW) program was developed to help women experience and learn a variety of outdoor skills. Available to women 18 years of age and older, each course usually features skills pertaining to hunting, fishing and outdoor survival. Other subjects are also featured as demand warrants.

If you are a novice or have limited experience with fishing, hunting or other outdoor sports, this program could be for you.

How often are BOW courses offered and what do they cost?

On Prince Edward Island, BOW is usually offered by wildlife-related organizations or local watershed management groups with support from the Forests, Fish and Wildlife Division. 

BOW events are usually offered once a year depending on demand. Fees are set by the organizing agency.

How can I register for a BOW course?

For more information on upcoming BOW courses, contact:

Forests Fish and Wildlife Division
Phone:(902) 368-4683


Date de publication : 
le 6 Mars 2018