Campfires and Bonfires

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Backyard bonfires and summer campfires are an Island tradition but there are requirements people must follow and under certain conditions, all outdoor burning can be suspended.

Are campfires and bonfires currently permitted on PEI?

Yes. However permission to conduct outdoor burning is always subject to the conditions and requirements listed below.

REMEMBER: Each time you hold a campfire you should check this page to ensure fire conditions have not changed and that outdoor fires are still allowed

What is defined as a campfire?

  • Small outdoor fire usually held for warmth and/or cooking
  • Held in a contained structure designed for safe outdoor burning or in a constructed pit with a spark catcher.

Can I have a campfire or backyard fire anywhere?

  • In order to have a campfire you must be the owner of the property or have the permission of the owner. 
  • If you are at a campground or cottage you must have the permission of the owner/operator.
  • If you are in an incorporated town, village or city you must meet the burning by laws of that community

What can I burn?

You can only burn small quantities roundwood, branches and brush. Construction waste, boards, household waste and other products are not allowed.

Do I need to refer to the Fire Weather Index when I have a campfire?

Under normal circumstances the Fire Weather index applies to people who hold burning permits and campfires do not require a permit.

However the Index is a good guide to current fire risks and should be part of your considerations whenever you plan to do some outdoor burning. You are responsible for the fire and any or all damages or costs that may arise should it escape.

What else should I consider?

You should also have plenty of water and a shovel on hand before you start the fire.  

When you are finished, the fire must be completely extinguished.  Check by holding your hand over the site. If you feel any heat there are still live embers that need to be properly extinguished.



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