Energy Efficient Appliance Rebates

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Rebates are now available year round on select energy efficient appliances at retailers across the province.

Energy efficient refrigerators, toilets, dehumidifiers, smart thermostats, water efficient toilets and washing machines are eligible for rebates through efficiencyPEI. The rebate is applied in-store at participating retailers, there is no need to submit an application. Appliance rebates are available year round. 

Appliance rebates are available through participating retailers, starting January 31, 2022. Please contact your preferred retailer for details.

How much can you save? 

  • Instantly save $100 at the cash register on ENERGY STAR smart thermostats
  • With improved insulation and compressors, energy efficient refrigerators will help you consume less energy and can reduce your electricity bills by approximately $300 over 5 years.
  • Toilets account for nearly 30% of residential water consumption. WaterSense® certified toilets use less water while efficiently removing waste. Replacing a 13-litre or greater volume flush toilet with a high efficiency toilet can save about 40,000 litres of water per year.
  • An energy efficient washing machine will help you save up to $35 per year on your electricity bill and use up to 30% less water.

Where can I purchase the appliances?

 Participating instant savings retailers by location and store name


Retailer / Store Name

Campaign Type

Alberton Home Hardware Spring/Fall campaign



Spring/Fall campaign, smart thermostats, dehumidifiers and toilets
Bloomfield Markan West Toilets
Charlottetown Best Buy Smart Thermostats


Canadian Tire

Spring/Fall campaign, smart thermostats, dehumidifiers and toilets


Charlottetown Home Hardware

Spring/Fall campaign, smart thermostats, dehumdifiers and toilets

Charlottetown M&M Furniture Appliances


Mr. Plumber




Spring/Fall campaign, smart thermostats, dehumidifiers and toilets

Charlottetown Leon's Appliances


The Home Depot

Spring/Fall campaign, appliances, smart thermostats, dehumidifiers and toilets

Charlottetown The Brick Appliances
Charlottetown Sherwood Timber-Mart Toilets



Spring/Fall campaign, smart thermostats, dehumidifiers and toilets



Spring/Fall campaign, smart thermostats, dehumidifiers and toilets


O'Leary Home Hardware

Spring/Fall campaign and toilets

Souris Prompt Plumbing Toilets


Canadian Tire

Spring/Fall campaign, smart thermostats, dehumidifiers, and toilets


Callbeck's Home Hardware Building Centre

Spring/Fall campaign and appliances



Spring/Fall campaign, smart thermostats, dehumidifiers and toilets


Callbeck's Home Furniture


Summerside Furniture Gallery Appliances
Tignish Home Hardware Spring/Fall campaign

Which appliances are eligible? 

Smart Thermostats

$100 rebate toward qualifying Smart Thermostats that have a minimum retail price of $150. 


$75 rebate toward qualifying refrigerators.

To qualify for the $75 rebate refrigerators must:

  • be certified as an ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2020 Refrigerator
  • be FULL SIZED = greater or equal to 7.75 cubic feet (220 litres rated volume) and greater than 36 inches (0.91meters) in height.
  • have a rated ANNUAL ENERGY CONSUMPTION  of less than or equal to 20kWh/AV* (cubic foot)

*Where AV= adjusted volume in cubic feet. A refrigerator’s adjusted volume is equal to its fresh volume + (1.63 x Freezer Volume). This adjustment assures that differences in freezer size are taken into account when determining annual refrigerator energy consumption limits.

Washing Machines 

$75 rebate on qualifying washing machines.

To qualify for the $75 rebate washers must:

  • Be certified as ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2018 (Version 8)
  • Have a volume greater than 2.5 cubic feet. 


$75 rebate on qualifying toilets.

To qualify for the $75 rebate, toilets must:

  • be WaterSense® Certified
  • have a MaP Flush Performance Score of 1000g or more. 


Qualifying dehumidifiers are now eligible for a $30 instant rebate.



Date de publication : 
le 26 Avril 2022
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