Provincial Forest Envirothon: Aquatics and Water

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Aquatics and Water: Learning Expectations and Outcomes


Introduction to Aquatic Ecosystems . Includes information on:

  • aquatic community composition by types
  •  key indicator species
  • (a) shallow lakes and ponds (including wetlands)
  • (b) deep water lakes
  • (c) warm water streams
  • (d) cold water streams

Rivers to Oceans: Canadian Wildlife Federation Water Videos

Ecology of Aquatic Systems and Sustaining Aquatic Ecosystems in Boreal Regions offer insights into:

(a) Energy Flow: aquatic food chains and webs; predator prey relationships

(b) Nutrient cycling: key elements for ecosystem function

(c) habitat requirements and critical habitats; carrying capacity

(d) population dynamics and biodiversity

(e) succession and trophic rates

PEI Wetlands Policy

Wetland Classification Systems

Salt Marshes

Aquatic Species 

Freshwater Fish

  • Brook Trout
  • Speckled Trout

Diadromous Species

  • Atlantic Salmon
  • American Eel
  • Smelt
  • Gaspereaux


  • Snakes: PEI snakes
    • Garter Snake
    • Redbelly Snake
    • Smooth Green Snake
  • Salamanders:  PEI Salamanders
    • Blue Spotted Salamander
    • Red-spotted (Eastern) Newt
    • Red-backed Salamander
    • Yellow-Spotted Salamander
  • Frogs: PEI Frogs and Toads
    • Eastern Toad
    • Northern Spring peeper
    • Wood Frog
    • Leopard Frog
    • Pickerel Frog

Freshwater Invertebrates in Eastern North America (you are only responsible for the general types of invertebrates)

Freshwater Mammals in Canada

Freshwater Birds of Canada

Aquatic Resources and People

Historic and current uses of aquatic ecosystems and related issues

- Water Supplies and Quality in Canada and Canadian Heritage Rivers - Focus on PEI Rivers

  • water and industry
  • water and transport
  • water and development:

Managing Freshwater Systems

PEI Watershed Alliance Technical Manual (students should only refer to pages 5-54 and pages 192-247)

Drinking Water and Water Resources 

Water Supply and Quality in Canada

Overview of PEI's Water Resources 

Aquatic Ecosystem Issues 

(Note: You may have to search the Environment Canada site for some of these topics as we cannot link directly)

- Habitat Modification and Destruction

- First Nations (BC Resource)

- Water and Waste

- Introduced and Exotic Aquatic Plants and Animals

- Climate Change and Freshwater Ecosystems

- PEI Buffer Zone Fact Sheet

- Wetland Conservation (PEI Policy)

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le 14 Janvier 2021