Provincial Forest Envirothon: Aquatics and Water

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Aquatics and Water: Learning Expectations and Outcomes


Introduction to Aquatic Ecosystems . Includes information on:

  • aquatic community composition by types
  •  key indicator species
  • (a) shallow lakes and ponds (including wetlands)
  • (b) deep water lakes
  • (c) warm water streams
  • (d) cold water streams

Rivers to Oceans: Canadian Wildlife Federation Water Videos

Ecology of Aquatic Systems and Sustaining Aquatic Ecosystems in Boreal Regions offer insights into:

(a) Energy Flow: aquatic food chains and webs; predator prey relationships

(b) Nutrient cycling: key elements for ecosystem function

(c) habitat requirements and critical habitats; carrying capacity

(d) population dynamics and biodiversity

(e) succession and trophic rates

PEI Wetlands Policy

Wetland Classification Systems

Salt Marshes

Aquatic Species 

Freshwater Fish

  • Brook Trout
  • Speckled Trout

Diadromous Species

  • Atlantic Salmon
  • American Eel
  • Smelt
  • Gaspereaux


  • Snakes: PEI snakes
    • Garter Snake
    • Redbelly Snake
    • Smooth Green Snake
  • Salamanders:  PEI Salamanders
    • Blue Spotted Salamander
    • Red-spotted (Eastern) Newt
    • Red-backed Salamander
    • Yellow-Spotted Salamander
  • Frogs: PEI Frogs and Toads
    • Eastern Toad
    • Northern Spring peeper
    • Wood Frog
    • Leopard Frog
    • Pickerel Frog

Freshwater Invertebrates in Eastern North America (you are only responsible for the general types of invertebrates)

Freshwater Mammals in Canada

  • Beaver
  • Muskrat
  • Mink
  • Water Shrew

Freshwater Birds of Canada

  • American Bittern
  • Blue heron
  • Double-crested Cormorant
  • Common Loon

Aquatic Resources and People

Historic and current uses of aquatic ecosystems and related issues

- Water Supplies and Quality in Canada and Canadian Heritage Rivers - Focus on PEI Rivers

  • water and industry
  • water and transport
  • water and development:

Managing Freshwater Systems

PEI Watershed Alliance Technical Manual (students should only refer to pages 5-54 and pages 192-247)

Drinking Water and Water Resources 

Water Supply and Quality in Canada

Overview of PEI's Water Resources 

Precipitation & Stream Flow Comparison Graphs: PEI

Aquatic Ecosystem Issues

(Note: You may have to search the Environment Canada site for some of these topics as we cannot link directly)

- Habitat Modification and Destruction

- First Nations (BC Resource)

- Water and Waste

- Introduced and Exotic Aquatic Plants and Animals

- Climate Change and Freshwater Ecosystems

- PEI Buffer Zone Fact Sheet

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le 14 Janvier 2021