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What is a forest management plan?

A forest management plan provides a template or plan of action to guide the property owner or manager and help them meet a goal or set of goals for that forest land. These goals may be improving timber quality, creating wildlife habitat creation, developing recreational access, encouraging biodiversity and much more.

The plan is based on an assessment of the existing forest to determine its current health and productivity, identify opportunities and challenges and based on those factors, develop a plan of action.

Why does the Province prepare forest management plans for public lands?

Forest Management plans are developed for public properties managed by the Forests, Fish and Wildlife Division to inform Islanders about the primary goals for each property and the proposed activities that will be undertaken to achieve those goals. In most cases, these activities will address multiple goals related to wildlife, soil and water conservation, biodiversity and timber products and the recreational and aesthetic values of these lands.

Where can I get a copy of these management plans?

New and updated plans are posted on-line for 30 days to allow the public to comment. Each plan contains the community name, property identification number and the date the plan was prepared, updated or revised. Plans provide information on the activities planned to meet the goals for each property.

Once the plans are approved, copies can be obtained by providing the community name and property identification (PID) number(s) and contacting the appropriate forest district office. The approved plan list can be found at:

A copy of the approved plan will be sent to you by e-mail.

How can I offer my input and ideas?

After reviewing the plan for a particular property, you can send your comments and ideas to:

Field Services Manager
Forests, Fish and Wildlife Division
Box 2000
Charlottetown PEI C1A 7N8


What if I am interested in selling land to the Province or buying land from the Province?

Inquiries regarding the purchase or sale of public lands should be directed to the Manager of Provincial Lands at the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure.

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le 24 Août 2023