Shoreline Stabilization

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What is shoreline stabilization?

In the past, development along PEI’s shoreline was often undertaken with little thought given to the risks associated with erosion or flooding. As a result, many owners of shoreline properties are now faced with three alternatives:

  1. Do nothing and risk losing much of their physical property and/or existing buildings;
  2. Relocate buildings farther inland and allow the shoreline to erode naturally; or
  3. Reduce the rate of erosion by attempting to stabilize the shoreline.

The Department does not recommend, as a first alternative, the use of artificial stabilization along PEI’s perimeter coastline. The Department does recommend locating new buildings, or relocating existing buildings, at a higher elevation and farther inland from the water. Government also does not provide financial assistance to landowners for shoreline stabilization work or for storm damage repair. Following a significant storm event, landowners who have property damage may contact the PEI Office of Public Safety at (902) 894-0385 to inquire about possible financial assistance.

Landowners can also obtain information about the levels of erosion and flood risk for their property by obtaining a Coastal Erosion and Flood Risk Assessment.

How can I stabilize the shoreline of my property?

Landowners can hire a licensed contractor to install shoreline stabilization structures under the Contractor Licensing Program. A list of licensed contractors is available. If shoreline stabilization work is proposed by someone other than a licensed contractor, a Watercourse, Wetland and Buffer Zone Activity Permit is required prior to starting any such activity. 

Who can I contact for more information?

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Environmental Land Management Section
(902) 368-5700
(902) 368-5830

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le 9 Janvier 2024