Wind Energy in Prince Edward Island

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Wind energy helps keep energy prices low for Islanders and reduces Prince Edward Island’s need for energy from outside the province. PEI has no sources of oil, natural gas, or other fuels for traditional forms of electricity. Wind energy also adds to a cleaner setting because it does not produce emissions or pollution. 

Wind Farms in Prince Edward Island



Capacity (MW)



Aeolus Wind 2003 3 Norway PEI Energy Corporation
Eastern Kings Wind Farm 2007 30 Elmira/North Lake PEI Energy Corporation 
Hermanville/Clear Springs Wind Farm 2013-2014 30 Hermanville PEI Energy Corporation
North Cape Wind Farm 2001-2003 10.6 North Cape PEI Energy Corporation
Norway Wind Park 2007 9 Norway ENGIE
Summerside Wind Farm 2009 12 Summerside City of Summerside, 
Summerside Electric
West Cape Wind Park 2007-2009 99 West Cape ENGIE
WEICan Wind R&D Park 2013 10 North Cape WEICan


Is all of PEI’s wind energy used by Islanders?


The majority of the time the Wind Energy produced on the Island is used on the Island.  There are several times a year when PEI is producing more wind energy than the base load on the Island and therefore PEI becomes an energy exporter.  All of the energy from the PEI Energy Corporation Wind Farms is sold to Maritime Electric for use by Islanders and more than half of the Island's 204 MW of wind capacity is used by Island utilities.

See how much of PEI’s energy is produced from the wind

How is wind power affected if the wind doesn’t blow all the time?

The wind doesn’t blow all the time; when it does, sometimes it's at a speed that is not fast enough for wind turbines to work at their peak capacity. There are even times when the wind blows so strong that the turbines shut down to protect them.  

Who can I contact for more information on wind energy?

Name: PEI Energy Corporation
Telephone: (902) 894-0288
Fax: (902) 894-0290

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le 16 Février 2023
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PEI Energy Corporation
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Charlottetown, PE C1A 7N8
Phone: 902-894-0288
Fax: 902-894-0290