Environment Tax Rates

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This section provides information on Environment Tax rates in the Province of Prince Edward Island.

What rate of Environment Tax is paid by the consumer?

Effective April 19, 2012, the Environment Tax rates are:

  • $4.00 per tire for all new tires with a rim size of 17 inches or less, and
  • $11.25 per tire for all new tires with a rim size greater than 17 inches.

This includes both inflatable tires and solid tires (doughnuts) designed for use as spare tires for motor vehicles.

Motor vehicle is defined as a passenger car, automobile, motorcycle, truck, bus, truck tractor, tractor trailer or similar mobile equipment designed and used for the transportation of passengers or goods including construction equipment and tractors, combines or other agricultural implements.

How are changes made to the rate of Environment Tax?

A change in the rate of Environment Tax would normally be announced in the Budget Speech presented to the Legislative Assembly by the Minister of Finance. Any such announcement would initiate the tabling of legislative amendments in support of the tax rate change.

How are consumers and vendors informed of Environment Tax rate changes?

A formal Environment Tax Notice – Rates is produced and posted on our website each time there is an Environment Tax rate change.


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