Grants-in-Lieu of Property Taxes Program

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The purpose of the Grant-In-Lieu Taxes program is to provide limited financial support for approved non-profit organizations, community groups, or municipalities that are providing specified services in the community by forgiving (crediting) non-commercial provincial property taxes.

Who is eligible?

Non-profit organizations may be eligible for a Grant-in-Lieu of Property Taxes on the non-commercial portion of provincial real property taxes on properties they own.

How do I apply?

If you wish to apply to the Grant-in-Lieu of Property Taxes Program, you must complete an Application for Grant-in-Lieu of Property Taxes (Demande de subvention tenant lieu d’impôt foncier) form and return it to Taxation and Property Records.

Please note that the applicant must provide a copy of the latest available annual financial statements with the application.

How does it work?

Each Grant-in-Lieu of Property Taxes Program application requires Treasury Board approval.  Grants are approved for a three-year period at which time the applicant must re-apply to determine eligibility. The grants are subject to review at any time.

Grants must be based on need, as established by financial statements, and should not exceed the amount of provincial non-commercial taxes payable.

Upon approval, Treasury Board will authorize a credit to be made against the property tax account of the applicant and a letter, signed by the Minister of Finance (or designate) will be mailed to all applicants indicating the grant amount approved.

Treasury Board will not consider grant requests that are more than one year prior to the fiscal year in which the grant is request.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the program?

Taxation and Property Records

Phone: (902) 368-4070
Fax:      (902) 368-6164



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