Land Parcel Information - MAPCO

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What is MAPCO?

Municipal Assessment and Property Charges Online (MAPCO) is a web-based application that provides municipal administrators with access to up-to-date property assessment and tax information for each parcel of land within the municipal boundary.

Municipalities can use MAPCO to:

  • Confirm ownership of a property
  • Prepare assessment and tax based reports
  • Eliminate the need to use a hard copy assessment roll

How do municipal administrators get access to MAPCO?

Municipalities can register for a MAPCO account on-line or by completing the Registering for Municipal Assessment and Property Charges Online form and submitting as directed on the form.

Municipalities who have an account can login using the MAPCO login.

Is there a charge for use of MAPCO?

No. There is no charge to the municipality to subscribe to MAPCO. 


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Date de publication : 
le 29 Mai 2017