Risk Management and Insurance

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Risk Management and Insurance (RM&I) serves as the insurer to all provincial public sector units, including government, hospitals, school boards/districts. RM&I is also responsible for managing risks and servicing claims to those units.

What is risk management?

Risk management measures the possibility of loss, then develops plans to lower and/or get rid of possible losses, puts methods into action, and watches the results. 

What happens if a claim is made against the government?

Risk Management and Insurance adjusts the claims, and may hire legal counsel or other professionals in order to settle the claim in a fair and economical manner. 

What types of insurance are covered?

Insurance coverage includes liability, property, automobile, boiler and machinery, crime, fiduciary, and all medical and malpractice.

Who are the RM&I Clients?

Clients include employees, directors and officers, summer students, and approved volunteers in:

  • government departments,
  • school boards/districts, or
  • public sector agencies, commissions, boards, and crown corporations.

The public is also a client if they have business with public sector units, and if that business involves risk management and claims services.

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le 20 Juillet 2015

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