Marked Fuel Permit Program for Pleasure Craft Owners/Operators

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This section provides information for Pleasure Craft Owners/Operators on the marked fuel permit program which provides a mechanism for the purchase and use of marked un-taxed fuel when clear taxed fuel is not available to them. 

What is the Marked Fuel Permit Program for Pleasure Craft Owners/Operators?

At some ports in Prince Edward Island, the only fuel available on the wharf is the tax exempt marked fuel for use by fishers and aquaculturists in their operations under the Marked Fuel Permit - Tax Exemption Program.

The purpose of the Marked Fuel Permit Program for Pleasure Craft Owners/Operators (504 Kb) is to allow the owner/operator of a pleasure craft to obtain fuel in situations where clear taxed fuel is NOT available.

Under the Gasoline Tax Act Regulations, a Marked Fuel Permit can be issued to a pleasure craft owner/operator to purchase marked untaxed fuel when clear taxed fuel is not available.

The Marked Fuel Permit does not exempt pleasure craft owners/operators from the Gasoline Tax due on the purchase of fuel.  

Pleasure craft owners/operators must complete a Gasoline Tax Self Declaration form and pay the full amount of tax due when they purchase or consume marked fuel.

Who is eligible?

Pleasure craft owners/operators may be eligible for a Marked Fuel Permit under this program.

How do I apply?

If you wish to apply for a Marked Fuel Permit under the program, you must complete an Application for Marked Gasoline and/or Marked Diesel Oil Permit for Pleasure Craft Owners/Operators form and return it to Taxation and Property Records as directed on the form.

Is there a fee?

The issuance fee for a Marked Fuel Permit is $10.

Do I ever need to re-apply?

Yes. Marked Fuel Permits for pleasure craft owners/operators must be renewed each year. The expiry date is printed on the permit.

Taxation and Property Records does send renewal notices prior to the expiry date, however, please note that it is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure that the application form found under ‘How do I apply?’ is submitted annually to Taxation and Property Records. 

When I receive my Marked Fuel Permit, who do I need to show it to?

When you receive a Marked Fuel permit, the permit number and the permit expiry date as shown on the permit must be provided to your fuel supplier(s) for their records.

When I make a purchase of marked fuel, do I have to keep my invoice?

Yes. As a permit holder you must retain invoices for all purchases of marked fuel.  You will need this supporting documentation to self declare and pay the Gasoline Tax due.

Are there other records I need to keep?

In addition to invoices for marked fuel purchases a permit holder must maintain a record of how the fuel was used. You must provide these records, if requested, for audit.

When is Gasoline Tax due?

Pleasure craft owners/operators must self declare and remit Gasoline Tax to Taxation and Property Records annually, at the end of the boating season.

The self-declaration and remittance must be received prior to the renewal of the Marked Fuel Permit for Pleasure craft owners / operators.

How do I self declare and remit the Gasoline Tax?

Pleasure craft owners/operators must self declare by completing the Gasoline Tax Self-declaration form and by submitting the form together with the required supporting documentation and the tax payment due to Taxation and Property Records as directed on the form.

Please refer to Gasoline Tax Rates for information on tax rates to be used in your tax due calculation.

Marked Fuel Permit - Tax Exemption Program Notices

From time to time a Gasoline Tax Notice – Marked Fuel will be issued to communicate important information on annual renewals and general program updates.  

Who should I contact if I have questions about the program?

Taxation and Property Records
Phone:   (902) 368-4070
Fax:       (902) 368-6164


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