Provincial Budget: Operating Budget

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The operating budget is the estimates of revenue and expenditure that detail spending plans by the Government of Prince Edward Island to operate each department for the next fiscal year.

The 2022-2023 provincial budget and related information is available in the following documents:

Investing in our Youthcover of investing in our youth document

  • Early Learning - $27.2 Million

    • A record investment in partnership with federal government to work with industry to expand spaces, increase wages, designate more centers and continue to build a robust and resilient childcare system in our province.

  • Free School Supplies for Grades K-9  - $787,000
    • To provide all K-9 students in the Public Schools Branch and the Commission scolaire de langue française  with free supplies at the beginning of the school year.
  • KidSport - $200,000
    • To provide up to $600 to each child as well as increase the threshold for eligible households to enhance opportunities for youth to participate in valued exercise through sport.
  • Increases in Island Bursaries -  $945,000
    • For a $400 increase in the George Coles Bursary and a $250 increase for the Student Community Bursary that encourages volunteerism through incentivized tuition supports.  

Growing Inclusive Communities and Economies

  • Early Learning Employment Investments - $655,300cover of Growing Inclusive Communities and Economies document
    • To support up to 100 participants in the development of skills and workforce knowledge while gaining work experience specific to the early learning and child care workforce.
  • Tourism Initiatives - $850,000
    • $750,000 to develop tourism marketing campaigns to support tourism operators and $100,000 in new investments for provincial parks.
  • Rental Supports and Affordable Housing - $1.5M for a new total of $18.4M
    • $1 Million to increase mobile rental vouchers,  rental supplements for private developers, and other rental supports for seniors and families. $500,000 to increase affordable housing grants to support construction of new units.
  • Employment Focus Initiative for Social Assistance Clients - $150,000
    • To assist up to 400 social assistance clients that are employable to identify meaningful job and upskill opportunities and connections with other service partners.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Growth Program - $500,000
    • To provide opportunities for organizations to submit project proposals that enhance diversity, inclusion and integration for members of the community who traditionally have been marginalized.  

Improving our Hcover of Improving our Health documentealth

  • Community First Funding and Strongest Families - $600,000

    • To build on a foundational principle for Mental Health and Addictions Redevelopment. Strongest Families Programs support children and youth aged 3-17 years and their families and adult programs for people aged 18 and over.

  • Physicians - $8.7 Million

    • To add physicians across multiple specialties and related supports and for patient record review as part of conversion to electronic medical records.

  • Health Recruitment and RN Stabilization Strategy - $1.4 Million
    • For recruitment initiatives plus a centrally-managed float pool of RNs to be assigned based on the most urgent needs and to fill short term vacancies to reduce bed closures and mitigate impacts to patient care.
  • Medical Homes and Neighborhoods - $2.7 Million
    • Part of an annualized investment of $10.4M over three years this project will continue to add physicians, NPs, RNs, LPNS, dieticians, and social workers to work collaboratively and meet patient needs.
  • Better Care at Home - $280,000
    • An increased investment into the Home Care program will allow for Nurse Practitioner services and supports to be delivered to unaffiliated patients who receive homecare services, supporting individuals to remain at home safely and return home as soon as possible from hospital.
  • Provincial Dental Care Program - $3.5 Million
    • $1.5 Million increase to continue offering free dental care to Islanders at or below Market Basket Measure and provide coverage to 8,000 additional low-income Islanders.

Supporting our Seniors and Vulnerable Populations

  • Provincial Home Care Services - $1.2 Millioncover of Supporting our Seniors and Vulnerable Populations document
    • Increased funding for COACH, Care at Home, Home Based Restorative Care & Urgent Home Based Respite to ensure seniors get the right level of care in the right location, and respite to support caregivers.
  • Seniors Food Program Pilot - $250,000
    • Launch pilot in Kings County to provide reheatable meals for aging Islanders who could benefit from healthy and nutritious meals delivered to their doorstep.
  • Homeowner Assistance Programs - $3.2 Million
    • Additional $500,000 to PEI Home Renovation, Seniors Home Repair, Seniors Safe at Home programs and Renovation Program for Persons with Disabilities.  
  • Modernizing Long Term Care Inspections - $100,000
    • New funding to modernize the inspection process for these facilities.
  • Free Shingles Vaccine - $2.6M for a new total of $4.1M
    • Free shingles vaccine to Islanders aged 65 years and over available now at community pharmacies across the province

A Sustainable Future    

  • Electric Vehicle Rebate -  $2.6 Millioncover of A Sustainable Future document

    • To build on the program announced in Budget 2021-2022 that focuses on helping residents move to clean transportation, including e-bikes, and electric and plug in hybrid vehicles.  

  • Heat Pump Rebate Program - $5.6 Million
    • To expand the free heat pump program by increasing the household income threshold to qualify so more homes can be heated by electricity.
  • Supports for Clean Tech Sector -  $1 Million
    • For the Clean Tech Park initiative and for grants and programming to jump start the Clean Tech industry in 2022-2023.
  • Canada Nature Fund - Protected & Conserved Areas Network - $515,000
    • Additional funding to continue to purchase and protect lands across PEI.
  • Bike Rebates - $500,000
    • For a $100 rebate on any bicycle purchased in Prince Edward Island staring in summer 2022 to encourage active transportation and active living, while decreasing emissions.
  • Transit Expansion and Enhancement - $1.6 Million
    • To make all current transit routes on PEI – including the rural transit routes and T3 transit routes in Charlottetown, Stratford, and Cornwall free for anyone under the age of 18.

Where can I find older budget documents?

Search Budget Archives for documents from 1998 to 2021.


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