Submitting a Tender (Bid) to PEI Government

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All submissions in relation to tenders issued by Procurement Services will only be accepted via email to until further notice.

Each tender has its own general specifications and the supplier is obligated to meet the requirements of those specifications. An addendum is added to a tender posting to notify all suppliers of any change in tender specifications. You are advised to carefully review the tender posting and your completed tender documents before submitting them to ensure the specifications and compliance requirements are addressed. 

All tender submissions must meet the following conditions:

  1. All bidders must comply with the Atlantic Provinces Standard Terms and Conditions.
  2. Submission deadline: Procurement Services must receive your complete tender package no later than the date specified in the tender document. A delay for any reason including transport, customs, courier, fax availability, email transmission etc. will not be considered. Tenders will be time and date stamped to show the time and date received and placed in a locked repository until the date of tender closing.
  3. Tender documents should be:
    • Authorized - with the signature of the authorized official of the tendering firm
    • Complete - all required and related documents must be included 
    • Labelled - clearly display the tender solicitation number and the tender closing date
    • Legible - typed or hand printed carefully and clearly
  4. Select one of the following to submit tender documents to Procurement Services:

What happens once a tender is submitted?

  1. Tenders packages will be time and date stamped to show the time and date received and placed in a locked repository until the date of tender closing. Tender documents received after the stated deadline will not be accepted.
  2. After the tender closing date, all tender submissions will be unsealed and the name and submitted price of each bidder will be announced. Any supplier who has submitted a bid may be present. Contact the procurement officer issuing the tender to confirm the time and location of the tender opening. Please note: tender awards or decisions are not announced at this time.
  3. Once tenders are opened they are evaluated for compliance and unqualified tenders will be rejected.
    1. Procurement Services may contact a bidder/vendor for clarification. Documents may be forwarded to originating department for review.
    2. Items in a tender may be considered separately and may be distributed to more than one bidder.
  4. Once tenders are awarded, winning bidders are posted on the Tenders web page.

What if I want to change information in my tender after I submit it?

A submitted tender may be amended at any time prior to the date and time of closing. The individual authorizing the original tender must submit a written amendment labelled “Amendment” and stating the tender number. The amendment document should clearly show the:

  • revised bid price of a unit price contract
  • amount to be added or subtracted from the original tender price in a lump sum tender, or
  • information that is missing from the original tender submission

Can I withdraw my tender?

Any tender may be withdrawn at any time prior to closing, but cannot be withdrawn, altered or changed in any way after the tender closing date and time. The individual who signed the original tender must request the withdrawal in writing, clearly indicating the tender to be withdrawn.  

How are tender packages evaluated?

Once tenders are opened, they are reviewed for compliance. Tenders which do not qualify will be rejected with an explanation. During tender evaluations and prior to awarding a tender, Procurement Services reserves the right to consult with any vendor for clarification without prejudice to any award or decision not to award.

A number of factors may be considered in the selection:

  • Each item in a tender may be considered separately and all or any part of the tender may be accepted or rejected. In doing so, the tender may be distributed to more than one vendor.
  • Although price is an important element and a tender is generally awarded to the bidder who can supply the goods at the lowest total cost, other factors may be considered such as past performance of a supplier, quality, delivery time, operation cost, training cost, after-sales service.
  • Tender documents may be returned to the originating department or jurisdiction, in the case of a joint tender issued on behalf of the Atlantic Provinces, for their review and recommendations.  

How is the awarded tender announced?

Once tenders are awarded, winning bidders are posted on the Tenders web page.

For reference purposes, public tenders remain available online after they close.

Can I find out why my bid was not successful?

You may request a debriefing information session after a tender is awarded. You must submit a written request to the procurement contact within sixty (60) days of the notification of the outcome of the procurement process. The intent of a debriefing session is to assist you in presenting a better proposal in future procurement opportunities. It is not an opportunity to challenge the procurement process or its outcome.

In accordance with procurement trade agreements, the Province of PEI provides links to Nova ScotiaNew Brunswick and Newfoundland electronic tendering services, and the Alberta Tendering Connection.

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le 5 Décembre 2023

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