Housing Seasonal Agricultural Workers

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Any accommodation you provide for seasonal agricultural workers must meet provincial environmental health and safety requirements, i.e. kept in good repair, in a clean and sanitary condition, and free from vermin and rodent infestation. The federal government requires a provincial inspection report before processing your migrant or temporary worker application. 

How do I request a housing inspection?

Once you have the accommodation prepared, complete the online request for Environmental Health inspection at Request Inspection Online: Seasonal Worker Accommodations. ​

What inspection criteria are used to assess the building?

Any property used for housing migrant workers will be assessed using the following criteria:


The building must be located at least 100 feet (30m) from any building used to shelter animals or poultry, store flammable materials or is likely to cause an offensive environmental condition or a condition that may be hazardous to health.


The building must be weather proof and constructed as follows:

  • Floors are tightly fitting, smooth surfaces, impervious to moisture and readily cleaned;
  • Walls extend at least seven feet (2.13m) above the floor, are tight fitting and lined with a smooth painted or treated surface material;
  • Roof is tight fitting and water proof;
  • Lighting, natural and artificial, is adequately provided at all times;
  • Heat and ventilation is maintained at minimum temperature 68.0F (20.0C);
  • Where combustion stoves or heaters are used, they are connected to approved exhaust systems;
  • Usable floor area totals at least 80 square feet (7.44m2) per person;
  • Toilet or washroom facility does not open directly into any room used for food preparation, storage or service.

Food storage and handling

The kitchen and dining area shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition and food shall be properly stored so it is protected from contamination.  Workers preparing food for their own use must be provided adequate and appropriate facilities, appliances, and utensils for food:

  • storage and refrigeration
  • preparation and cooking
  • serving and consumption.

Water supply

You must provide a readily available supply of potable water which meets the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality sufficient to provide for drinking, washing, food preparation and laundry. Any container for drinking water must be clean, sanitary, covered and equipped with a sanitary dispensing device. No person shall use a drinking vessel in common with others.

Toilet facilities

Toilet facilities shall be maintained at all times in a clean and sanitary manner with toilet tissue provided.

  • Fly- tight, weather- proof, and well- ventilated toilet accommodation shall be provided for every six occupants.
  • Flush toilets shall be kept in good repair and operate efficiently.
  • Portable toilets, if used, they shall be kept clean, sanitary and properly maintained.
  • All sewage shall be disposed of according to the provisions of applicable regulations.


  • Bunks - Each bunk shall be:
    • separate and sleep only one person;
    • at least 12 inches (30.48cm) above the floor and 18 inches (45.72cm) from the next bunk (when not lengthwise along the wall);
    • equipped with a clean, well-constructed mattress and pillow;
    • provided with one locker or one shelf, or equivalent, for each bunk.
  • Bedding - If blankets and bed linen are provided by the employer, sheets and pillow cases shall be replenished at least once per week.
  • Washroom - provided for each bunk house and equipped with:
    • At least one sink or wash basin for every six bunks;
    • At least one shower or other satisfactory means of bathing for every six bunks; and
    • Constant supply of hot and cold water
  • Laundry-
    • At least one laundering tub, or the equivalent, for every 15 bunks;
    • Drying facility for laundry

Family Housing

Any building intended to house a family shall have a:

  • maximum occupancy rate of one person per 80 square feet (7.44m2) of usable floor area;
  • minimum 300 cubic feet (9m3) air space per person in sleeping space (children under age six are considered one half);
  • kitchen with food storing, preparing and cooking facilities that is not used for sleeping;
  • basic furnishing such as table, chairs and beds compatible with maximum occupancy; and
  • facility for laundry washing and drying.

Garbage control

Garbage shall be collected and removed in accordance with the requirements of Island Waste Management Corporation.

All buildings that house migrant workers shall be provided rodent-proof garbage containers which can be readily cleaned and sanitized and in sufficient quantity to store all garbage accumulated between collections.


Buildings must be free from any chemical substance or condition which may become hazardous to the occupants and equipped with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in good working condition.


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le 24 Mai 2017
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