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Malpeque oysters, Island Blue mussels and Anne of Green Gables are trademarked products that require a licence to market

Anne of Green Gables Licensing Authority Inc.

The Anne Authority is jointly owned by the Province of Prince Edward Island, Ruth Macdonald, and David Macdonald, who are the heirs of L.M. Montgomery. The Anne Authority was established to protect the integrity of the images of Anne, to preserve and enhance the legacy of L.M. Montgomery and her literary works, and to control the use of Anne of Green Gables and related trademarks and official marks, including Green Gables House ("Anne" trademarks). "Images of Anne" means words and images depicting the fictional characters, places, and events described in Montgomery's novel Anne of Green Gables and related novels.

About product licensing

AS THE SOLE LICENSING AGENT for Anne trademarks, the Anne Authority requires that any product, service, or event using images of Anne be licensed. Licences granted by the Anne Authority permit use of specified Anne trademarks for certain goods, services, and events for a specified period and may be limited to particular geographic regions. Royalties are payable at the discretion of the Anne Authority.

All products, services, and events using images of Anne must adhere to the following general guidelines:

  • They must be appropriate to the image of Anne (or other characters, e.g. Diana Barry, Marilla, Matthew, or place, e.g. Green Gables house) as depicted by L.M. Montgomery;
  • They must be of high quality and meet standards specified by the Anne Authority; and
  • They must be appropriate to the use or purpose for which they were intended.

In addition to the above guidelines, the Anne Authority will give consideration to the number of similar products, services, and events already licensed and other factors which it deems relevant.

The completed copy of the license application form should be returned to the Anne Authority at the appropriate address, with a cheque or money order in the amount of $50.00 for the application fee, and made payable to the Anne of Green Gables Licensing Authority Inc.

Applications are reviewed on a regular basis by the appropriate Anne Licensing Committee, with approval or rejection given by the Anne Authority, if possible, within eight weeks of review.

If you have any questions about the licensing procedure, please feel free to contact us:

Lee Brammer
Tel: (902) 368-5961
94 Euston Street

PO Box 910
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Canada   C1A 7L9

Kate MacDonald
Tel: (416) 971-7473
29 Commercial Road
Suite 205
Toronto, Ontario
Canada   M4G 1Z3

"Island Blue" mussels and "Malpeque" oysters

Innovation PEI is responsible for the licensing of the use of trade-marks associated with "Island Blue" mussels and "Malpeque" oysters or their variations thereof and bilingual equivalents of these.

As the sole licensing agent for these trade-marks, Innovation PEI requires that any individual, sole proprietorship, limited company, partnership, or incorporated company make an application to Innovation PEI for their use. 

Licenses granted by Innovation PEI permits use of the specified trade-marks requested for a specified period may include packaging, marketing, and sale of Prince Edward Island cultured/cultivated mussels and Prince Edward Island wild/cultivated oysters.

Please refer to the Trade-Mark Licensing Application for the list of terms and conditions regarding the use of trade marks.

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le 22 Novembre 2015
Innovation Î.‑P.‑É.

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