Adult Probation Orders

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What is a Probation Order?

A Probation Order is a court order which requires an offender to comply with conditions while on Probation. All probations orders have the following standard conditions:

  • keep the peace and be of good behavior.
  • appear before the court when required to do so.
  • tell the court or probation officer about any change of name, address or job.

Other conditions may be added, depending on the individual needs of the offender.

How long can A Probation Order last?

A Judge may issue a probation order for any length of time up to a maximum of three years.

What will happen if I do not follow the conditions of my Probation Order?

Clients who willfully do not comply with the conditions of their Probation Order may be charged with a new offence called “Breach of Probation” and brought before the court to answer to the new charge. This could result in a new/additional sentence.  

Do I have a record after my Probation Order is over?

Adult records remain open for life, unless you get a record suspension (previously called a pardon). A record suspension officially seals an adult criminal record.

Can I travel to other countries while I am on Probation?

You may be restricted in entering other countries if you are on Probation. This is a decision of the receiving country and the decision varies from one country to the next. It is recommended that you contact the country of your destination prior to your departure to inquire about your circumstances.

Is there a fee for supervision of a Probation Order?

There are no fees to access this service.

Where can I get more information?

Probation Services at (902) 368- 6061. Also, the Community Legal Information Association of PEI, Inc. (CLIA) has brochures on Criminal law matters. CLIA provides information on the law through a toll-free number 1-800-240-9798 or email address

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