Youth Pre-sentence Reports

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What is a Pre-sentence Report?

A Pre-sentence Report is a report prepared by a Youth Justice Worker and contains information on a person’s character, education, family history, work experience, attitude, etc. The Judge, the Crown Attorney, your lawyer and you will get a copy of the report. The report helps the court to arrive at a decision on sentencing.

Who can order a Pre-sentence report?

Crown Counsel, Defense Counsel or an offender (if unrepresented) can make a request to the Judge to have a pre-sentence report prepared. The Judge decides if the request is necessary.  This request is made after a guilty plea or a determination of guilt, and before the sentencing hearing. The Judge can also order a pre-sentence report without a request from counsel.

Who prepares the Pre-sentence reports?

Youth Justice Workers prepare all pre-sentence reports requested by the Judge for sentencing of an offender.

What information is in a Pre-sentence report?

Unless otherwise specified by the court, a pre-sentence report must, whenever possible, contain information on the following:

  • Offenders age, maturity, character, behaviour, previous/current education/employment, family background, financial status, health, leisure, impact on victim, attitude and willingness to make amends.
  • History of previous sentences.
  • History of any alternative measures used to deal with the offender, and the offenders response to those measures. 
  • Information on any other matter required by the Court.

Is there a cost to have a Pre-sentence report done?

There is no cost to have a pre-sentence prepared by Probation Services.

Who can I contact for more information?

Youth Justice Worker
(902) 368-4587


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le 15 Juin 2016
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