Child-Focused Family Mediation

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Parents trying to settle issues regarding parenting time and decision making may benefit from mediation services offered through the Family Court Counsellors' Office. The mediator is a neutral third party to who can help parents work out their own solutions to their problems in the best interests of their children. You do not need a court order to access this service.

How can a mediator help?

The mediator will work with you to define the issues in the dispute and identify the interests of your children and then help you reach a parenting arrangement that is acceptable to both of you and sensitive to your child’s needs.

Is there a fee for this service?

There is no fee.

Do I need a lawyer during mediation?

A mediator may offer neutral legal information but does not take the place of a lawyer or represent either parent in the mediation process.  You are each encouraged to seek independent legal advice throughout the mediation process and review your final mediated agreement with your lawyer before signing.

What if mediation does not work?

If you are unable to reach an agreement through mediation, you may have to seek legal advice on other ways to resolve your issues.

Please note: Mediation may not be appropriate when there is a history of family violence or if one of the parents is fearful of their safety.

Who do I contact about the family mediation service?

Family Court Counsellors' Office
Family Law Centre (Charlottetown)
Phone: (902) 368-6928

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le 25 Février 2021
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