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Youth Justice Services provides supervision of Court ordered dispositions such as Probation Orders, Deferred Custody and Conditional Supervision Orders, Custody and Community Supervision Orders, as well prepares for and provides to the Youth Court, Pre-sentence Reports, when requested to do so. 

Youth Justice Services also coordinates and supervises the Extra-Judicial Sanctions and Fine Option Programs which are Programs separate from the aforementioned judicial (Court) related duties and responsibilities. The main offices for Youth Justice Services are located in Charlottetown and Summerside with satellite offices in Montague, Souris, O’Leary, and Alberton. There are also Youth Intervention Outreach Program offices located at five police service locations across the province.

Youth Justice Services provides a multi-disciplinary approach to intervention with youth and families to reduce youth crime and the entry of young people into the formal justice system.  It includes the following programs and services for young people and youth criminal justice courts:

Youth Probation

  • supervising and enforcing orders from the court, fine option program, extra-judicial sanctions
  • managing cases based on assessed needs and specific requirements of the case
  • conducting investigations and providing pre-sentence and progress reports to the court
  • ensuring appropriate action and follow-up of non-compliance of court orders and/or extra-judicial sanctions agreements

Alternative Residential Placements

Provides private homes that have been assessed and approved for high risk/high need youth who are on probation and are in need of safe, structured residential care outside of, or as a complement to, their natural home.

Community Youth Worker

The community youth worker provides:

  • one-to-one casework and guidance/support services to high risk/high needs youth and their families
  • support to alternative residential placements and youth within these homes
  • facilitation of prevention programs for youth and their families within the community
  • involvement in community programming initiatives designed to support youth at risk in their own communities.

Youth Intervention Outreach Program

The Youth Intervention Outreach Program assists youth and families who have been identified by the police where the youth is at risk for actual, or potential, conflict with the law. All referrals are identified and completed by police personnel to the Youth Intervention Outreach Program prior to any formal charges.

  • one-to-one casework and guidance/support services to high risk/needs youth and their families
  • facilitation of prevention programs for youth and their families within the community
  • involvement in community programming initiatives designed to support youth at risk in their own communities

Rethink: Youth Program for Cannabis Education

A Youth Diversion and Education Program.  A partnership between Health PEI and Department of Justice and Public Safety. The Rethink Program is an early intervention, prevention focused program for youth identified as using cannabis.  

The objectives of Rethink are to redirect youth from the formal justice system, provide current information to youth on the legal, health and societal implications of cannabis use, along with prevention strategies and offer youth education and tools to make positive life choices.

Topics include: Cannabis and the Justice System. Impact of Cannabis on Your Body. Cannabis and Impaired Driving. Making Healthier Choices. 

Rethink is designed as a two-session program, with each session being approximately two hours in duration. The program is available to youth between the ages of 12-19 years old by trained staff from Mental Health and Addictions and Youth Justice Services. Rethink Contact Information: Youth Justice Services 902-368-4587

What are the fees?

There are no costs to participants for any of the services. Participation in the above services/programs is through the Youth Justice Court, RCMP/Police and Youth Justice Services (Community agencies and self referrals can be made to the Community Youth Worker Program).

Who can I contact for more information?

Charlottetown Office

(902) 368-4587

Summerside Office

(902) 888-8200.

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