Changing the Name or Class of a Municipality

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What are the classes of municipalities?

The following classes of municipalities can be created:

  • City
  • Town
  • Rural Municipality

Municipalities that were called Communities (including former Community Improvement Committees and Villages) under previous legislation are called Rural Municipalities.

Administration, governance and service standards apply to all municipalities regardless of their size.

What are the criteria for establishing a city or town?

The criteria for establishing a new city is:

  • Estimated population of 15,000 or greater
  • Estimated total property assessment value of $750,000,000 or greater

The criteria for establishing a new town is:

  • Estimated population of 4,000 – 14,999
  • Estimated total property assessment value of $200,000,000 - $749,999,999

How does a municipality change its name or class?

A Council can submit an application to the Minister to request a name or class change.  The Municipal Name or Class Change Application is being developed.

The Minister may:

  • invite written submissions on the proposed change of name or class from the residents of the municipality
  • conduct one or more public meetings in the municipality to discuss the effects of the change
  • do any other thing the Minster considers necessary to consider the request

The Minister will consider the written submissions and comments from public meetings (where applicable) and then make a recommendation to Lieutenant Governor in Council to approve or deny the proposed change.

The Minister can recommend to Lieutenant Governor in Council that a municipality change its class if that municipality no longer meets the criteria for its class.

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le 10 Janvier 2018