Information for Council Members

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Congratulations on being elected to municipal council.  The following information will help you identify the next steps for you as an elected official and direct you to resources.    Click here to download a new councillor presentation to give you an overview of roles and responsibilities. Council Role and Responsibilities

What do I do once I am elected?

Meet with the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) in your municipality

The CAO for your municipality will be able to provide you with important information on all topics affecting the municipality.

The CAO will also give you information on taking the oath of office, meeting schedules and any plans for a council orientation. 

File your Disclosure Statement of Campaign Contributions and Election Expenses

All candidates, whether elected or not, must file a Disclosure Statement of Campaign Contributions and Election Expenses.  Municipal Election Campaigns provides information on how to file the Disclosure Statement. 

File your Council Member Disclosure Statement

When your municipality has a code of conduct bylaw, this form must be completed within 30 days of being elected and filed with the CAO.  In municipalities that are still in the process of developing their code of conduct bylaw, it is still best practise to complete this form and file it with the CAO.

Review minutes of prior council meetings

This will help you jump into discussions on current issues and help you understand recent discussions on these issues.

Review the Municipal Government Act (MGA) and Regulations

The MGA regulates how municipalities are operated.  A good understanding of the MGA will help in your role as an elected official.  Learn more about the Municipal Government Act and Regulations

Review the Local Government Resource Handbook

The Local Government Resource Handbook provides an overview of how a municipality functions and the general roles and responsibilities of a municipal council.

When does my term start?

The term for those elected during the most recent municipal election will be from December 7th, 2018 to December 6th, 2022.  The municipal council that was in place prior to the election will finish their term on December 6th, 2022. 

What is the Municipal Oath of Office?

All council members must swear or affirm the Municipal Oath of Office.  The oath can be administered by a:

  • judge of the Supreme Court, 
  • judge of the provincial court, 
  • justice of the peace, 
  • notary public,
  • or chief administrative officer (CAO) of the municipality.  

All council members must swear or affirm the oath between December 1st to December 7th, unless you were elected in a by-election. If elected in a by-election you have 15 days to swear or affirm the oath of office. (MGA section 80 -1)  You will not be able to act as a council member (i.e., vote or participate at council meetings as a council member) until your oath is administered.  

How much do I get paid as an elected official?

Wages or honoraria for elected officials differ from municipality to municipality.  Council wages and honoraria must be set out through municipal bylaw.  Contact your municipality for more information. Check the municipality directory to see if they have a remuneration bylaw that outlines this information. 

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le 24 Août 2021