PEI Poetry for Children

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The PEI Poets Laureate have collected poems from Islanders over the years. Here are some of their selections.

Holly A'Hearn

For Nikki

May I borrow your vision little one,
if just for a day

You see, I need to remember
what it’s like to play

Your eyes see everything
beautiful, you told me yesterday

How I wish I could too
in each and every day

Hugh MacDonald

Picture Puzzle Poem

1. A very funny summer clown
joined a parade in Charlottetown.
She had two funny floppy feet
which got all wet on Water Street.

2. Mommy growls and starts to pout
cause kitty’s fur is falling out
I bet that she’d get much much meaner
if we didn’t own a vacuum cleaner.

3. He lent his shoes
to his golfer son
who promptly got
a hole-in-one.

4. Mirror mirror in my hand
it’s fun to make my head expand.
But then again I really think
it’s also fun to watch it shrink.

5. He loved the sizzling summer heat
and burned the bottoms of his feet.
The road was like a frying pan
each toe a tiny sausage man.
And every night he liked to dream
of squishing toes through soft ice cream.

Gerry O'Brien

The Weenie-Beanie Genie

I’m the Weenie-Beanie genie,
I’ve come to set you straight
About the beanie weenie weenies
Heaped high upon your plate.

“Oh, mama, gimme weenies.
Oh, mama, gimme beanies.
Don’t be a mama meanie,
I’m The Weenie-Beanie Genie!

The weenies fill you up.
The beanies fill you out.
While the weenies please the tongue,
The beanies please the snout.

Oh, the weenies and the beanies,
They make my tummy soar!
Whenever I get hungry,
You will hear me roar…

“Oh, mama, gimme weenies.
Oh, mama, gimme beanies.
Don’t be a mama meanie,
I’m The Weenie-Beanie Genie!”

A root-a-toot-toot
And a rat-a-tat-tat.
After eatin’ weenie beanies,
You sound like that.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner,
My favourite through the year…
Beanie weenie weenies
And a cold root-beer.

“Oh, mama gimme weenies.
Oh, mama gimme beanies.
Don’t be a mama meanie,
I’m The Weenie-Beanie Genie!”

Tom Rath

The Dining Room (from The KittenCat Adventures)

She is sitting in the corner of the dining room,
and she watches as the table fills with treats.
She knows so very well, by the look and by the smell,
there are lots of things up there a kitten eats.

She sees chicken in a basket, she sees salmon in a dish—
pretty vegetables are letting off some steam,
but what really sets her kitten whiskers twitching to and fro
is a cup, right in the centre, filled with cream.

Cream is frothy, cream is cool, cream is tasty on the tongue.
Little KittenCat sure wishes she had some.
She would lap it up with pleasure, and she wouldn’t leave a drop
(and gobble up the food, leave not a crumb).

She knows that she is not allowed to get up on the chairs
and even though the urge is very strong,
she sits back in her corner of the busy dining room
for she knows she’ll get a treat before too long.

KittenCat is comfy, and she shuts her eyes up tight.
As the room grows dark, the smells grow rich and deep.
If you listen really close you may hear purrs from KittenCat,
for KittenCat has fallen fast asleep.



Date de publication : 
le 18 Août 2016
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