Financial Incentives for Physicians

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Effective May 2023

Financial incentives are designed to attract and retain physicians to designated areas on Prince Edward Island. To be eligible, physicians must be relocating from out of province or be a participant in the PEI Family Medicine Residency Training Program and not presently in another return-in-service commitment. Return-in-service (RIS) grants and moving reimbursement incentives may be available.

Return-in-Service Grants

Family Medicine Physicians

A Family Medicine physician is provided a financial grant with a return-in-service commitment up to a maximum of $115,000 (location dependent). To learn more about RIS commitments, please contact 

Designated areas eligible for a Family Medicine return-in-service grant with a three (3) year commitment are:

•    Charlottetown/Stratford/Cornwall - $50,000* 
•    Summerside and Three Rivers - $90,000* 
•    West of Summerside and East of Three Rivers - $115,000* 

*Upon signing of return in service Contract and commencing work, eligible candidates will receive 50% of grant within 30 business days of their start date and the remaining 50% of the grant over year two and year three.

Specialist Physicians

Specialist physicians may be eligible for a $40,000 return-in-service grant with a three (3) year return in service commitment. Specialty positions, which become vacant, will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and a decision on eligibility will be made depending on the labour market demand. Payments are issued in three equal annual installments of $13,333.33.

Physicians in Anesthesia (including Family Practice Anesthesiologists), Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine (Summerside only), and Internal Medicine may be eligible for a return in service grant of $80,000 with a 4-year (7,800 hour) commitment. Payments are issued in four equal annual installments of $20,000.

Note: Physicians are only eligible to receive one (1) financial incentive grant.

Moving Expense Reimbursement

Physicians who are relocating to Prince Edward Island may receive reimbursement of eligible moving expenses up to $10,000, attached to a three-year return-in-service agreement with Health PEI.

To learn more about moving expenses, send an email to the Recruitment & Retention Secretariat

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le 1 Mai 2023
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