Food Service at Special Events

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You must have a class 3A or class 3B food premises licence to provide food service from a booth, structure or mobile unit at a temporary event such as a community fair or concert, exhibition or other organized event lasting ten consecutive days or less. You must apply for the licence at least fourteen (14) days before the event and visibly display it in the immediate area where the food vendor is operating.

Please note: The promoter or organizer of an event in which food service is provided must obtain a class 3B licence for each event, provide the names of all potential food service vendors to Environmental Health and ensure all vendors on site at the event are approved by Environmental Health.

  • Class 3A licence is issued for one special event and expires at the end of the event.
  • Class 3B licence will allow a vendor to operate at an unlimited number of special events between April 1st and March 31st. It must be renewed each year.

In addition, you must follow minimum standards to meet the requirements of the regulations and to prevent food poisoning from improper food handling through the provision of:

  • a satisfactory structure for food service;
  • facilities for on-site utensil washing and sanitizing;
  • adequate refrigeration and storage for perishable foods
  • hand-washing facilities;
  • appropriate disposal of waste; and
  • available washroom and toilet facilities.

Environmental health officers are available for consultation and to discuss the requirements.

For complete requirements, refer directly to PEI Public Health Act Food Premises Regulations.

How do I apply for a class 3 licence?

Apply online for a food service licence at Operate a Food Premises Licence – Online Application. 

Submit your application, fee and required documentation to Environmental Health at least fourteen (14) days prior to your event. Approval is subject to meeting the requirements under the Food Premises Regulations. An environmental health officer will review your application and determine if an inspection is necessary. 

What are the requirements for serving food at a special event?

The following checklist of requirements is described in more detail in Guidelines for Food Service at Special Events

  1. Completed licence application & fee sent to Environmental Health Office
  2. Details regarding proposed set up and foods to be served sent to Environmental Health
  3. Meats must be a pre-cooked product / limited food preparation allowed on site
  4. Food must be protected from any possible contamination
  5. Thermometers to verify food and cooler temperatures
  6. Cold foods must be 4°C (40°F) or colder at all times
  7. Cooked foods have an internal temperature of 74°C (165°F) or hotter
  8. Hot held foods must be 60°C (140°F) or hotter at all times
  9. Different utensils are necessary for handling raw and cooked product
  10. Two tubs - one for  washing utensils & one for sanitizing utensils
  11. No-rinse sanitizer (1 tsp household bleach in 1 litre water =100 to 200ppm, OR a 200ppm Quat solution)
  12. Sanitize test strips
  13. Facility for hand washing (can be portable water container with on/off valve & bucket below for waste collection), equipped with liquid soap and paper towels in dispensers.
  14. Appropriate attire (apron/clean uniform, hat/hair net, non-latex gloves as required)
  15. Hand sanitizer or wipes
  16. Shelter from the elements (tent / mobile unit)
  17. Adequate waste water disposal
  18. Garbage can(s)
  19. Convenient access to toilet / washroom facilities

*All vendors must be approved by Environmental Health and obtain a valid licence prior to operating. Information about licensing, and a copy of the application form is available at Food Premises Program.

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