PEI Weekly Influenza Summary 2021-2022 Season

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Week 25 - Jun. 19 - 25, 2022


  • There was no flu activity in PEI during Week 25.
  • Our seasonal total is 50 lab-confirmed cases (49 A and 1 B).
  • The median age of cases to date is 11.9 years.
  • Nationally: Influenza activity continues to decrease, indicating that Canada is nearing the end of the 2021-2022 late onset season. The percentage of tests positive for influenza nationally in Week 24 was 4.8%.


Epidemiological curve of laboratory data

There was noflu activity in PEI during Week 25.  Lab-confirmed influenza tests are just an indication of greater influenza activity, as many individuals with influenza do not seek medical attention.

The chart shows the weekly counts of lab-confirmed influenza during the 2021-2022 Influenza season


Positive influenza test results, current week, and cumulative 2021-22 season

Lab-confirmed cases    Week 25 Cumulative 2021-2022
Influenza A           0                  49
Influenza B           0                   1
Total Influenza           0                  50


Respiratory outbreaks, current week, and cumulative 2021-22 season

Respiratory Outbreaks

Week 25

Cumulative 2021-2022
Influenza A         0                   0
Influenza B         0                   0
Influenza, Unknown Type         0                   0
ILI1         0                   0
Total Outbreaks         0                   0


1 ILI: Influenza like illness

Severe outcome surveillance, current week, and cumulative 2021-2022 season

Severe Outcome Week 25 Cumulative 2021-2022
Hospitalizations1         0                    10
ICU         0                     1
Deaths2         0                     0

1 Hospitalization data is gathered through infection prevention and control practitioners at each Island hospital.  Data includes ICU cases.

2 Deaths include individuals with a positive influenza test result.  Influenza may not have been the major contributing cause of death.


Definitions (based on national Fluwatch definitions)

Activity levels:  
  1. No activity:  no lab-confirmed influenza detections in the reporting week, however, sporadically occurring ILI may be reported
  2. Sporadic:  sporadically occurring ILI and lab-confirmed influenza detection(s) with no outbreaks detected within the influenza surveillance region
  3. Localized:  evidence of increased ILI; lab-confirmed influenza detection(s); outbreaks in 1 county only
  4. Widespread:  evidence of increased ILI; lab-confirmed influenza detection(s); outbreaks in more than 1 county


  1. Hospitals and Residential institutions:  2 or more cases of ILI occurring within a 7 day period, with at least 1 lab- confirmed case
  2. Schools, Workplaces and other:  absenteeism greater than 10% higher than expected which is most likely due to ILI



Fluwatch - Public Health Agency of Canada

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