Tanning Facility Inspection and Equipment Registration

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Tanning facility operators in PEI are required by law to prohibit access to anyone under age 18 years and must visibly display signage indicating the health hazards associated with using tanning equipment.

Tanning facilities will be routinely inspected and are required to operate in accordance with the Public Health Act Tanning Facility Regulations

Do I need a licence to operate tanning equipment?

All tanning equipment must be registered every three years.

How do I register my tanning equipment?

List the make, model and serial number of all tanning equipment operating in your facility and submit full payment with your completed Tanning Equipment Registration.

Is there a fee to register tanning equipment?

The fee to register tanning equipment is $100.

How do I verify that my clients are 18 years of age or older?

It is your responsibility to request proof of age from a client before offering access to tanning equipment. Written or verbal permission from a parent or guardian is not acceptable. Accepted forms of identification include:

  • PEI driver’s licence;
  • Provincial photographic identification card;
  • Federal passport, Certificate of Canadian Citizenship or permanent resident certificate; or
  • Any other Canadian document issued federally or provincially that contains the person’s photograph, date of birth and signature.

Are there requirements for posting health warning signs?

You are required to maintain signs so they are readily legible and post in your facility as follows:

  • Within one metre of each cash register in an unobstructed position where customers can easily view the sign before purchasing access to tanning equipment; and
  • Within one metre of each item of tanning equipment in an unobstructed position where customers can easily view the sign before using the tanning service.


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le 2 Mai 2017
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