Keeping Cool in the Summer Months

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A house in the sunshine on PEI.

Wondering how to keep your house cool during the warm summer months? 

efficiencyPEI has compiled some tips on how to beat the heat with energy efficiency in mind! 

  1. Keep your windows and blinds closed during the day to keep the heat and sun’s rays out. In the evening when it's cooler you can open your windows to let hot air out. 
  2. Shut off your heating system if possible.
  3. Avoid using the oven. Try a toaster oven for smaller items.
  4. Line dry your clothes to reduce electrical consumption. 
  5. Use ceiling fans instead of air conditioner when possible - they use much less electricity! 
  6. If you use an air conditioner remember that for every degree below 24°C it uses 5% more electricity.
  7. Have your air conditioner serviced and change the filters to ensure it is performing optimally. 
  8. A ceiling fan used in conjunction with an air conditioner will allow for the air conditioner to be set a few degrees warmer.  
  9. Turn off your air exchange system in the summer months when it's warm enough to open your windows.
  10. If you have a tankless coil for your domestic hot water in your boiler, consider having the temperature on the boiler turned down during the summer when it's not being used to heat your baseboard radiators. Domestic hot water only needs to be heated to about 140 degrees Fahrenheit (as opposed to 180 degrees for baseboards).
Date de publication : 
le 30 Mai 2017
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