Passenger Car Trailer Registration

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A passenger car trailer does require registration with requirements, as follows:

  • Lighting : Tail lights, brake lights, licence plate lights, clearance and side lamp markers, turn signals, reflectors, mud guards, fenders (dependent on design) required;
  • Hitch : Ball hitch mounted on bumper, permitted; two safety chains required;
  • Mirrors : Left and right rearview mirrors required;
  • Brakes: independent braking system required, where gross vehicle weight exceeds 1,500 kg

Size Limits: Total length: 23 m

  • Trailer length: 14.6 m
  • Width: 2.6m
  • Height: 4.5m

Speed Limits: 80 km/h unless otherwise posted

Registration Fee

Dependent on size of trailer

Special Provisions

Riding in towed trailer or pickup campers is permitted. Camping in rest areas permitted where posted. Maximum of one boat or general utility trailer may be towed behind passenger or pleasure vehicles. Total length of both not to exceed 23 meters (75 ft).


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le 30 Novembre 2017
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