PEI Energy Prices

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Wondering how much it costs to heat your home using different energy sources on PEI?

  • The chart below shows the historic energy prices on PEI and is updated every two weeks. 
  • The data is live, so use your mouse to hover over the data and see historic prices. 

What does 'price per million BTU' mean? 

  • It's a unit that factors in how much fuel it would take for each of the systems to produce the same quantity of heat (1 million BTU) at the efficiency rating noted in the legend.
  • An average house requires approximately 95,000,000 BTU for heating each year.

What are efficiency ratings?

  • Efficiency ratings help you understand how efficient a particular heating system is. 
    • Describe how much of the incoming electricity is converted to heat.
    • Typically expressed as percentages. 
  • Heating Season Performance Factor (HSPF)
    • It's how air source heat pumps are rated for heating efficiency.
    • The higher number, the more efficient.
  • Coefficient of Performance (COP)
    • COP is unitless, but shows how many times more efficient the ground source heat pump is versus electrical resistance heating.
    • The higher the number, the more efficient. 



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le 20 Mars 2017

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