Right Hand Drive Vehicles

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It is illegal to operate a right-hand drive or steer vehicle on PEI roads unless it is exempt under the PEI Highway Traffic Act.

Any right-hand drive vehicle included under the exemptions must prominently display a sign at the rear of the vehicle indicating it is a right-hand drive vehicle. This sign must say “RIGHT HAND DRIVE VEHICLE” in bold-face letters not less than 50 mm in a colour that contrasts the vehicle.

Anyone operating a right-hand drive vehicle without this sign may be fined from $200 to $1,000.

Which right-hand drive vehicles are permitted under the legislation?

Legislation prohibiting the use of right-hand drive vehicles on PEI roads came into effect on June 1, 2014. Any vehicle registered in the province prior to this legislation is exempt. Other vehicle exemptions include vehicles:

  • registered outside of Prince Edward Island visiting the Province;
  • manufactured 25 years ago or more;
  • registered for commercial use such as a street sweeper or garbage truck;
  • considered as special mobile equipment;
  • under 4,100 kg in weight of a prescribed type or class such as a vehicle used in rural mail delivery; and 
  • operating under the authority of an exemption permit for a specific work purpose that requires right hand steer, i.e. dual steering vehicles used by driver education schools.
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le 30 Novembre 2017
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