Additional Air Quality Tests Overview

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The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure undertakes many renovation and construction projects for our road network, education facilities, and many more. We follow very strict protocols approved by the Workers Compensation Board for all major renovation and construction projects. 

The Three Oaks Senior High (TOSH) renovation is an important capital project for the Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture. These upgrades will ensure the viability of the school for the next 30 years. 

The environmental consultant All-Tech Environmental monitors daily the strict protocols required during hazardous materials abatement and air quality monitoring for the TOSH renovation project. 

These renovations differ from previous projects as work is undergoing concurrently while students and staff continue with the academic year in the building. Their health and safety are taken very seriously. For these reasons, as of April 2018, our Department has proactively begun to conduct additional air quality testing above and beyond what is currently monitored daily during hazardous materials abatement work. 

Representatives of TOSH’s Joint Health and Safety Committee, an Occupational Health and Safety Officer from the Public Schools Branch, and our environmental consultant reviewed and agreed upon the five locations within the school and in proximity of the construction zones for additional testing. Each location tested: 

  • Airborne Particulate;
  • Carbon dioxide;
  • Carbon monoxide; and
  • Total volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Test results are compared against the standards established by Health Canada and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). Any test results that exceed those standards are analyzed and corrective actions are implemented as needed.

Indoor Air Quality Guidelines as per Health Canada & ASHRAE
Test Target Values
Carbon Dioxide < 1000 ppm* (ASHRAE)
Carbon Monoxide < 5 ppm (Health Canada)
Airborne Particulates 0.05 mg/m3** - annual exposure (Health Canada)
0.15 mg/m3 - 24 hr exposure  (Health Canada)
Total Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Target Level 1 mg/m3 (Health Canada)
Action Level 5 mg/m3 (Health Canada)

*ppm – parts per million
** mg/m3 – milligrams per cubic metre

Results are presented to the Public Schools Branch representatives, school administration, parent representatives, consultants, with thorough explanations by All-Tech Environmental. Once these results are presented to this group, they are available by request to the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure.

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure takes student, staff and public health concerns very seriously. The proactive additional air quality testing are part of our Department’s commitment to the health and safety of students throughout the renovations at Three Oaks Senior High.


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le 20 Juin 2018
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