Canada Community-Building Fund (CCBF)

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The Canada Community-Building Fund (CCBF) supports investments in PEI communities for permanent infrastructure and strategic projects related to municipal growth management and land-use planning. The CCBF, formerly the Federal Gas Tax Fund, is administered through the PEI Infrastructure Secretariat which allocates stable, indexed funding to PEI municipal governments and awards application-based funding for projects that benefit a PEI community or population. The Province manages a separate portion of the Canada Community- Building Fund allocated for roads and bridges across PEI. 

The Infrastructure Secretariat distributes the CCBF to Island communities as follows:

  • Direct Allocation Fund disbursed to municipal governments providing centralized water and wastewater services to their residents; 
  • Notional Allocation Fund disbursed to municipalities without centralized water and wastewater services; and
  • CCBF – Municipal Strategic Component available through a formal application process to allocated municipalities and eligible non-profit, for-profit and NGO organizations.

What infrastructure projects will CCBF support?

Each municipality selects how best to direct the funds with the flexibility to make strategic investments across the multiple project categories including:

  • Permanent infrastructure to support:
    • public transit 
    • drinking water and wastewater infrastructure
    • solid waste management
    • brownfield redevelopment
    • community energy systems
    • highways, local roads, and bridges
    • transportation centers: airports, short-line rail, short-sea shipping
    • disaster mitigation
    • broadband and connectivity
    • facilities for culture, tourism, sport, and recreation
    • fire halls and stations; and
  • Capacity building to support growth management and/or land-use planning.

How does the municipality get CCBF allocation funding?

To receive CCBF - Allocation Funds, each municipality must:

  • Submit an audited Annual Expenditure Report (AER) at the end of each fiscal year.

How is CCBF allocation funding calculated?

CCBF-Allocation Funds are calculated over five-year periods and adjusted to population census data. Funds are distributed to municipalities as follows:

  • Direct Allocation Fund: Disbursed to incorporated municipalities providing centralized water and/or sewer services. Funds are allocated to the largest municipalities (8) based on population and to smaller municipalities as a base amount $100,000 per annum. View the level of funds calculated for each DA municipality at CCBF - Direct Allocation Fund Disbursements.
  • Notional Allocation fund: Disbursed to incorporated municipalities that do not provide centralized water and/or sewer services. View the level of funds calculated for each NA municipality at CCBF - Notional Allocation Fund Disbursements.

How does my municipality access Municipal Strategic Component (MSC) funding?

CCBF- Municipal Strategic Component funds are available through a merit-based application process for projects assessed to significantly benefit a municipality, region or province. MSC funding supports CCBF project categories (listed above) with priority given in three categories:

  • Wastewater,
  • Drinking Water, and
  • Capacity Building (projects investing in growth management and/or land-use planning). *The Municipal Strategic Component will fund up to 90% of eligible costs for a municipality to develop an official plan and land-use bylaws.

MSC applications are assessed twice each year with submission deadlines as follows:

  • May project review: Third Friday in March
  • October project review: Fourth Friday in September.

For more information about MSC project eligibility and submission guidelines, see CCBF Municipal Strategic Component (MSC)

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le 16 Mars 2023
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