Purchasing Provincially Owned Land from Government

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Provincially owned property that is not intended for future use may be declared surplus to the needs of Government and include such things as:

  • Abandoned road beds;
  • Properties acquired from the Department of Finance for nonpayment of property taxes;
  • Houses or buildings acquired with a land purchase; and
  • Remnant portions of land.

What does the Province do with surplus land or buildings?

Surplus land is offered for sale through either a public tender or a restricted tender (for nonconforming properties only) in accordance with the "Provincial Policy on Disposal of Surplus Lands".

Surplus buildings may be offered for sale to the public through a request-for-proposal process (RFP).  Tender packages for all RFPs can be obtained at a public viewing of the subject building(s) or by contacting the Properties Section of the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure.

How will I know when land or buildings are available to the public?

All public tenders and RFPs for surplus land or buildings are advertised in “The Guardian” newspaper and posted at Tenders under the category Government Land and or Buildings for Sale

What is required to purchase surplus land or buildings?

As the successful bidder/proponent in the purchase of provincially owned assets you are required to:

  • Submit completed tender or RFP forms by the specified time and date;
  • Provide 15 per cent of purchase price deposit (certified cheque, bank draft or money order accepted);
  • Take responsibility for your own legal fees and understand that Government does not certify title to property or certify property boundaries; and
  • Comply with all applicable federal, provincial and municipal statutes, regulations, orders or bylaws.

Does Government sell non-surplus property?

This is not the general practice, however; the minister responsible for provincially owned land and Executive Council have discretionary power and your request may be considered if your proposal:

  • Benefits the public significantly;
  • Creates jobs;
  • Stimulates economic growth; or
  • Provides a service which is deemed to be in demand.

Does Government offer land to community or not-for-profit organizations?  

Government will review a request for property from a community or not‑for‑profit organization on a case-by-case basis.  In the event property is transferred to a not‑for‑profit group for the price of one dollar, it is a condition that when it is no longer needed or the project discontinues Government has the option to purchase the property back for the price of one dollar.

Who can I contact for more information?

Dawn MacDougall
Supervisor, Land Administration
Department of Transportation and Infrastructure
Properties Section

Telephone: (902) 368‑5350
Email: dtmacdougall@gov.pe.ca


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le 9 Décembre 2022
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