Traffic Operations

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The Traffic Operations section is responsible for the installation and maintenance of traffic control devices and traffic operations for the province, as well as technical and informational support to the Department for its highway construction and highway maintenance activities.

You should contact the Traffic Operations region in your area for any of the following issues:

  • A traffic/road name sign missing on a public road
  • Naming a public street or road
  • Traffic signals not functioning properly or an overhead amber light not working
  • A new highway access in a community other than Summerside, Kensington, Charlottetown or Stratford.

For any of these issues on a private road, you should contact 911 Administration.

If you are building a new house in a community other than Summerside, Kensington, Charlottetown or Stratford that issues its own building permits, contact the Traffic Operations Manager for your region. You may obtain a driveway culvert with your building permit in all areas of the Province which fall under the Municipal Affairs and Provincial Planning issuance of building permits.

To get information on sub-division development contact: Orooba Mohammed -

For further information contact:

Alan Aitken - Traffic Engineer

Kevin Campbell - Traffic Operations Manager - Eastern and Central Region

Dawn Moase - Traffic Operations Manager - Western Region

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le 6 Mai 2015
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