Island families will benefit from long-term care subsidy changes 

Spouses of long-term care residents will be able to stay in their own homes and communities longer with updates to long-term care regulations that will allow them to retain more of their family income. 

Effective February 1, 2020, changes to the long-term care subsidy assessment process will allow a spouse whose partner is living in long-term care to keep either half of their family income or the new minimum amount of $22,133. For some spouses remaining at home this could mean thousands of extra dollars that they will be able to keep. At least 80 families will benefit right away. 

“I’ve heard from a number of Islanders with partners in long-term care who have concerns about the way their income has been allocated. Islanders work their entire lives to build financial security for the future, and they should not have to lose that security when their spouse requires long-term care.

This change will help ease those concerns, allow spouses at home to maintain their financial independence, and is in keeping with our commitment to put people first.”

- Health and Wellness Minister James Aylward. 

Islanders who live in public or private nursing homes are responsible for the cost of their room and board, as well as personal expenses. Subsidies have always been available for those who can’t afford the full cost, and any long-term care resident can apply for the subsidy, which is based on an income-means test. This will not change, but the updates to the long-term care subsidy assessment make it fairer to everyone and will also make the process easier for those applying. 

“The regulations were very out-dated and I am pleased that with this change, more Islanders will be able to comfortably stay in their homes in the company of family, friends, neighbours and community while their spouse receives the long-term care support they need,” Minister Aylward said.  

For more information about Long-Term Care Subsidization, call 1-888-365-5313.

Media contact:
Anne Macrae
Department of Health and Wellness 

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