Province reduces red tape making it easier to do business with government

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In its efforts to be more open and accessible, the provincial government continues to remove barriers to doing business in Prince Edward Island.

Minister Heath MacDonald and Erin MacGrath-Gaudet review Project ART report at a table
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Economic Development and Tourism Minister Heath MacDonald and Erin McGrath-Gaudet of CFIB
“Our Government remains committed to working closely with industry to reduce red tape, align regulations with other jurisdictions, and ensure conditions are optimal for business success,” said Economic Development and Tourism Minister Heath MacDonald. “Two new reports, released this week, highlight the progress we are making in Prince Edward Island and Atlantic Canada to support businesses to do what they do best, create jobs and grow the economy.”
The province has made great strides in eradicating red tape for Island business through departmental initiatives such as Project ART (Addressing Red Tape), interprovincial efforts such as the Red Tape Reduction Partnership, and its partnership in the Joint Office of Regulatory Affairs and Service Effectiveness with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

This week, two reports were published highlighting the efforts taken by government departments. The annual report of the Joint Office of Regulatory Affairs and Service Effectiveness highlights: progress on streamlining documents for procurement with help from the business community and government departments; recommendations to make interactions with workers' compensation systems simpler; and plans to mutually recognize some safety standards in the region.

Project ART (Addressing Red Tape) also released a sector roundtable report focused specifically on solving irritants in tourism, agriculture, and small and medium businesses. This is a government-wide initiative currently being led by the Department of Economic Development and Tourism,  which streamlines processes to support economic and business competitive interests, including: developing collaborative relationships between Government and key business stakeholders; implementing a citizen-centred regulatory reform process; reducing duplication; developing codes of practice; and improving customer service by eliminating unnecessary steps, rules, and processes.

Over nine irritants and solutions were discussed, and required extensive consultation from industry partners such as the Tourism Industry Association of Prince Edward Island, the PEI Federation of Agriculture, the National Farmer’s Union and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).

“When we ask small business owners what Government can do to help them grow and prosper, reducing unnecessary red tape is always one of their top priorities,” said Erin McGrath-Gaudet, Canadian Federation of Independent Business’ director for Prince Edward Island. “Government initiatives like Project ART and the Joint Office of Regulatory Affairs and Service Effectiveness are simple but effective ways to help streamline things for our local businesses.”

Additionally, all provincial government departments have looked at various initiatives to reduce the regulatory burden for businesses and citizens. This includes more efficient government policies and procedures and a new government website including open data sets and user friendly services. 

Download the Project ART Sector Roundtable Report and the Joint Office of Regulatory Affairs and Service Effectiveness Annual Report.

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