Statement on Carbon pricing and mitigation

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Prince Edward Island’s efforts and reputation as a leader in climate change mitigation and adaptation will shape a flexible, P.E.I. approach to carbon pricing.

Prince Edward Island is acknowledged as a committed contributor to international mitigation and adaptation actions around climate change and as a leader in the green economy. This expertise will inform Government’s approach to determining a carbon pricing plan that meets the objectives of mitigating the impact of climate change while fully participating in the economic and employment benefits of a green economy.

“Following yesterday’s announcement by the federal government we will continue as a province to determine what carbon pricing will look like on Prince Edward Island. This will require further conversations with our regional partners and Island sectors and communities to ensure we have a full understanding of its impact,” said Premier Wade MacLauchlan. “We will seek a flexible, P.E.I. approach that will allow us to play our part in the regional, national and international climate change efforts while directly enhancing our adaptation and mitigation efforts here at home.  We will pay particular attention to providing supports to lower income Islanders as we collectively work together to lower our carbon pollution levels.”

Prince Edward Island has been a leader in lowering greenhouse gas emissions realizing a 20 per cent decrease since 2004. This reduction has been achieved largely as a result of efforts in renewable energy, particularly in the wind energy industry.

Work on an energy strategy and climate change mitigation plan for Prince Edward Island is currently underway and these two pieces of policy will emphasize methods to strengthen our collective approach to renewable, reliable and affordable energy and to provide supports to Islanders and businesses to become greener. Public consultations have taken place on the energy strategy and will be released later this fall.

The energy strategy and climate change mitigation work will give government a better sense of how carbon pricing fits into the province’s overall green strategy, and what impact it would have. 

“Islanders are aware of the real effects a warming planet is having on our land and resources. Our awareness of this reality enables us to be leaders in the country in our fight against climate change. Islanders can be proud of our record and potential when it comes to climate change,” said Minister of Communities, Land and Environment Robert Mitchell. “Prince Edward Island has committed to a greener future and we will be working to ensure our local adaptation and mitigation efforts support Islanders in being more environmentally-aware in our daily lives.”

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