Boil Water Advisory: Example Notice to Guests

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Boil Water Advisory: Example Notice to Guests

Letter to guest regarding Boil Water Advisory is available online as a PDF and can be printed and included with the unit.

Dear Guest:

The Prince Edward Island Department of Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture requires tourism accommodation operators to sample their drinking water every three months during operation. This property has recently tested the water and the sample has shown that coliform bacteria (and/or E-coli) is present in the well water system; therefore, PLEASE DO NOT DRINK THE WATER.

The water can be consumed if boiled for 2 minutes. Please review additional guidelines for showering, dishwashing, etc. We have supplied bottled water for drinking, and more is available upon request.

It may be necessary to disinfect or clean the water system. Disinfection involves pouring chlorine (household bleach) down the well, opening each tap in each unit, closing the taps and letting the system sit overnight. The chlorinated water is discharged after 12 hours, and you will be notified if this procedure is necessary.

We apologize for any inconvenience this situation may cause, but feel it is necessary to take a cautious approach to ensure your safety.

Please feel free to contact the office should you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you.

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