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Web Presence Assistance provides a non-repayable contribution to Prince Edward Island businesses and local not-for-profits to assist with the creation of an online presence or to upgrade an existing presence to include e-commerce. The purpose of this assistance is to help Island companies increase business by creating a website to establish online visibility and reach, and increase sales.

If your company is not visible on the Web, it’s losing an opportunity to connect with potential customers.  A website allows your customers to easily find the information they want - when they want it – and allows your company to expand its potential customer base beyond those in its immediate geographic area to a global customer base.

Integrating social media with your website improves the impact by increasing online exposure, traffic and user engagement.  

To support our Island businesses that are facing significant financial challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, Innovation PEI is increasing funding through this program for activities effective November 1, 2020.   We want to support investments that will help businesses adapt to a new normal and position them to capitalize on future economic recovery. 

Am I eligible?

You are an eligible applicant as a Prince Edward Island business or a local not-for-profit organization that either:

  • does not have a website, or 
  • is upgrading an existing informational website to add ecommerce for the first time.

Innovation PEI’s contribution is limited to 50 per cent of the eligible cost to a maximum contribution of $1000 (Tier 1) or $2500 (Tier 2):

  • Tier 1:  $1000 for a non-ecommerce site for a business that does not have an existing website, or
  • Tier 2:  $2500 for an ecommerce site, for a business that does not have an existing website or has a website that does not include ecommerce.

You are ineligible if you received funding to support website development from Innovation PEI in the prior two years, through either the Web Presence Assistance or Covid-19 Business Adaptation Advice Program. 

Projects receiving other non-repayable contributions or grants from any source are not eligible.

Eligible Costs

Eligible costs are direct costs incurred by your business for the creation of a website (tier 1) or the creation of an ecommerce website (tier 2).

Eligible costs include registration of a domain name and the design, development, and hosting of a website.  The website design may include ecommerce, search engine and mobile optimization, scheduling functions, voice technology, chatbot, social media integration, and other functions that improve the user experience and effectiveness of the website.

Social media and online advertising to support the launch of your new website may be eligible if requested in the application, and if the maximum contribution level for the applicable tier has not been reached; recurring advertising costs are not eligible.  

You should discuss your requirements with an Innovation PEI representative to determine if your activity could be considered for this assistance.

Your application must be submitted before any financial or legal commitment is made to the project.

How to Apply

You must submit a completed application form and either:

  • a written quote from an arm’s length web developer, detailing services to be provided; OR
  • if you are creating the site rather than hiring an arm’s length web developer, you must submit a detailed listing of the expenses that will be incurred.

You will not be reimbursed for your time – only for direct costs paid.  Subscriptions directly related to your website and associated tools will be considered, provided they are billed and paid prior to the request for payment.

What do I need to apply for Web Presence Assistance?

You must be able to answer certain questions related to your business:

  • full business name and contact information;
  • HST number, if applicable; and
  • clear description of your project and how it will help your business.

As the last step in the online application, you must attach either:

  • an electronic or scanned copy of a written quote from an arm’s length web developer, detailing services to be provided,
  • a detailed listing of the expenses that will be incurred, if you are creating the site.

How long will it take to complete this online form?

You can complete this form in less than 30 minutes. You must complete the form in one sitting because the form cannot be saved.

More Information

Innovation PEI specializes in providing one-on-one business advisory services. Our qualified staff can also provide information regarding most business development programs offered by government agencies across Prince Edward Island.  Additional information can be obtained from Innovation PEI.


*This information is provided for information purposes and is not comprehensive and reflective of all Innovation PEI policies. Not all projects meeting the minimum assistance criteria outlined will receive funding.  Please consult with an Innovation PEI staff member for guidance specific to your company's situation. 

Service Standards for Web Presence and Marketing Support Assistance

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