Child Care Expense Form

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Families who are returning to work are eligible to receive a child care allowance of $75 per child, per week between May 22, 2020 and June 26, 2020 to help with child care costs. 

As part of the application for the Child Care Allowance, the Child Care Expense form must be complete and submitted by July 10, 2020.  

What child care expenses can I claim? 

You can claim the following child care expenses:

  • private child care centre fees;
  • caregivers such as nannies and private sitters; or
  • day camps if the primary purpose is child care.

You cannot claim expenses for:

  • child care provided by the child’s parent, your spouse or common-law partner;
  • educational institutions such as, boarding schools or sporting programs; or
  • recreational programs.

How do I apply?

You must register for the Child Care Allowance and complete the Child Care Expense form at the bottom of this page with all required information:

  • Personal Health Number (Health card number)
  • Child care expenses for each child, per week between May 22, 2020 and June 26,2020:
    • Week 1: Friday, May 22- Thursday May 28 
    • Week 2: Friday, May 29-Thursday, June 4
    • Week 3: Friday, June 6- Thursday, June 11
    • Week 4: Friday, June 12- Thursday, June 18 
    • Week 5: Friday, June 19- Thursday, June 26
  • Child care provider contact information

When is the deadline? 

The Child Care Allowance registration form must be submitted by June 26, 2020. The Child Care Expense form can be submitted until July 10, 2020.

Who can I contact for more information?

Monique McClean
Phone: 902-368-6518

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