Nursing Student Summer Employment Program - Student Application

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Health care facilities across Prince Edward Island offer summer employment opportunities for nursing students to work in the public health care sector and in fully licensed private long term care facilities. Students have the opportunity to gain meaningful nursing work experience while contributing to our health care system and services.

The application process is open to on-line applications from February 10, 2020 to March 13, 2020.

* Program subject to change based on budget approval. 


NEW for 2020

  • Students of a Bachelor Degree in Nursing program who have successfully completed three years of a four year nursing program are eligible for summer positions within Health PEI facilities.
  • Students of a Bachelor Degree in Nursing program who have successfully completed one or two years of a nursing program and students who have successfully completed a full year of a Licensed Practical Nursing program are eligible for summer positions within private nursing facilities. You are also encouraged to apply to Health PEI to work as casual resident worker or patient care worker within Health PEI facilities. 
Under CASUAL LIST, apply to competition #140054 at

You must also meet the following criteria to be eligible to apply to the program: 

  • legally entitled to work in PEI;
  • successful completion of at least one year of a recognized Bachelor Degree in Nursing program or Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) diploma program; and 
  • re-entering your educational program in the upcoming academic year.

NOTE: If you have not completed your first year of a recognized Bachelor Degree in Nursing program or Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) diploma program by the beginning of summer 2020, apply for summer employment with the Health Care Futures Program.

Application deadline

The application deadline is Friday March 13, 2020 at 4:00pm AST

What type of work experience should I expect?

Staff in the facility will supervise and coordinate your job duties. Best efforts will be made to provide a placement that complements your nursing educational program and preferences. You must indicate your preferred work site from the list of available options. The list of available work sites is subject to change. 

What is the rate of pay?

The student rate of pay is based on the completed year of study, as follows:

  • first year (including LPN students) is $17.00* per hour;
  • second year is $19.00* per hour;
  • third year is $23.71* per hour.   

* 2020 student rates of pay

If selected, when will I start work?

Third year nursing students start employment in early July 2020.

First and second year BN students and first year LPN students start in mid June 2020 with exact dates determined by private nursing homes.

Students are employed full time (37.5 hours per week) and may be required to work evenings and/or weekends.

How long does it take to complete the application form?

The application form should only take a few minutes to complete assuming you have the required information readily available before starting. You will be asked to provide basic contact information, education information, job and work site preferences, recent employment and relevant volunteer experience, as well as employment or volunteer references and related contact information. 

A resume is not required.

When will I know if I have been selected?

All applicants will be notified on the status of their application by email in May of the application year. 

Note: You must provide a Criminal Record Check, including vulnerable sector check, prior to your employment start date. Some facilities require employees to adhere to a dress code policy.

Applications open February 10, 2020.
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