Travelling Workers

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The COVID-19 isolation and testing requirements for workers may vary depending on where you have been travelling and your workplace requirements.

Non-PEI residents:

PEI residents returning to PEI:

  • PEI residents do not need to apply for pre-travel approval, but will need to self-isolate and identify a self-isolation location and support person.
  • PEI residents seeking to work outside of the home during their 14 day self-isolation period may apply to work-isolate in PEI through a portal specific to PEI residents.
  • PEI residents who travel routinely, spend over 50% of their time working outside of PEI, and spend fewer than 21 days when not at work, may apply to be a rotational worker.
  • PEI residents travelling within Atlantic Canada for some types of same-day travel are not required to self-isolate, subject to some restrictions.

Incoming workers from Atlantic Canada in PEI for under 24 hours:

  • Incoming workers from Atlantic Canada in PEI for under 24 hours do not have to test before reporting to work as long as they maintain physical distancing, wear a non-medical mask while in the workplace, avoid anything more than brief physically distant interactions, and have permission from their employer. Anyone making more than one under-24-hour trip to PEI per week, is asked to get tested once per week, upon entry to PEI. You do not have to wait for your test result before reporting to work. 

Commercial truck drivers and other transport workers: 

International temporary workers and students:

  • As a temporary foreign worker, you must self-isolate for 14 days in a designated provincial facility, upon your arrival to PEI. Testing is required at day 0-2 and 10-12 after your arrival.


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